As soon as a campaign ends, all the orders are collected, organized, and sent out to our factory in Bogotá, Colombia. When production begins, one senior member of the factory team is chosen to oversee all the work. This is a job that rotates amongst our most experienced artisans as they're able to do all or most processes at the factory.

The person who is overseeing production for the March campaign is Don Jorge. I'd like to tell you a bit about him so you know more about the people who are directly responsible for all the beautiful items from this campaign.

Don Jorge is the most experienced person at the factory with 40 years of experience making shoes and working with leather. The skill was passed down to him by his father, who was also a shoemaker. 

With all this experience under his belt, he’s become the go-to guy at the factory when someone’s not sure how to do something or when a problem needs solving. It’s for this reason that he’s called “The Bible of Shoes.” 

While he could easily make a shoe from start to finish, his specialty is finishing and final details, the part that is most appreciated when you open the box and see your shoes for the first time. Don Jorge told us that he likes shoes because a good or bad pair have the power to either make or break your day. He wants to make people’s days better by crafting great shoes. 

One thing I have to point out about him is that he’s absolutely fanatical about bicycles and cycling. During the Grand Tour races, he watches every stage on a little TV he brings with him. Like most cycling fans in Colombia, his favorite cyclist is Nairo Quintana (the country’s best contemporary cyclist).

When you receive your item(s), you’ll notice a series of letters and numbers stamped in gold on the inside. These numbers tell us when each item was made and who was in charge of production. When everything has been completed, Don Jorge will stamp his number on the inside of yours.

As production continues, I’ll continue to keep you updated but if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, just leave a comment below and I'll get back to you. You can also send us an email at and out customer service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also, if you haven't had a chance to take a look at the May campaign, click here to see this month's beautiful items!

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned for upcoming posts. You can always leave a comment below if you have questions, or have a great style tip to share.


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