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Hello there!

Welcome to our first May campaign update. Before starting, I’d like to introduce myself: I’m Pilar, the new content manager at Beckett Simonon! Some of you might have seen my name around, but now I am officially ready to take on Chris’ legacy of providing you with exciting and interesting information about our products.

Every two weeks, you and I are going on a very special journey, where you will have full access to our behind the scenes. So sit comfortably in your seat, and get ready to have a delightful experience while you understand all the essentials in the making of your shoes and accessories.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for committing to our high quality and craftsmanship. You’re now part of a community of hundreds of people who believe high-end footwear and accessories can be purchased at an affordable price. We really appreciate your support and engagement with one of our most important ideals: Making things that matter, and we honor this statement with our products.

So you might be asking yourself, “why do I have to wait so long to get a pair of shoes, or a bag? What’s the point?” Let me answer your question with another one. Do you remember that delicious, slow-cooked stew you prepared for your family the other night?

Just remember how you carefully selected and finely chopped all your ingredients. How you let your stew simmer for a long time, stirring now and then, until the subtle notes of the many flavours came together.

You doubled checked your seasoning and once you served your plate in expensive china your grandma gave you, your stew became the star of the night! Everybody loved the tasteful stew, and even your sister asked you for the recipe. All night you were praised for your cooking techniques and thoughtfulness.

As we all know, great things take time, and just like your savory stew took many conscious steps and many hours of cooking, we do the same with our shoes or accessories. In this world that loves speed and instant gratification, we take slow, careful steps everyday, which leads to stunning results.

High quality at reasonable prices?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Throughout the years, we learned that to give you a fair price, we needed to make things differently. This is how we do it:

1. We don’t keep inventory, as it is wasteful and requires high profit margins to offset the upfront costs. Instead, we produce on demand.

2. The majority of production is done in our Colombian workshop and this eliminates outsourcing costs. Most importantly, we can ensure the working conditions are fair.

3. We produce micro batches and ship the product directly to you. There are no middlemen; it is you and us.

Thanks to this, you are getting a one-of-a-kind product, made to last. Keep in mind that we have free shipping for any returns/exchanges. We slightly overproduce a few items to facilitate size exchanges.


We are able to offer the best construction techniques carried out by the experienced women and men who have dedicated their lives to the beautiful art of shoemaking.

More than a hundred different techniques are applied to making a single shoe. Let’s go around our workshop to see what some of the craftspeople are working on:

Manuel, with more than 40 years of experience, hand-cuts with sheer precision all the pieces that will be converted into uppers. He also makes small marks for the eyelets to be opened. His tool is a special cutter with all blades and markers for these specific tasks.

Orlando is the second generation of shoemakers in his family. He assembles all the uppers with his sewing machine, making sure that all pieces become pliable for later assembling.

Ligia has been working in shoemaking for 43 years and she’s in charge of stamping a unique serial number for quality control in the lining of your shoes. She works with a Marken marking machine, one of the first models released.

Hector has been working in shoemaking since 1968, when he was just 21. He’s already retired, but he still wants to work making shoes. He’s in charge of assembling the uppers with the soles, although he can build a shoe from beginning to end.

Marleny and Diego, are an intergenerational family of shoemakers. Marleny has been working in the business for 20 years and recently her son Diego decided to join our workshop. Side by side, they work in the finishing details of shoes: Diego manually ends up the stitching of the soles, and hammers them to make the stitches even and unnoticeable to the feet.

Marleny is in charge of attaching the insoles, burning any loose threads or fibers from the shoe, adding polishing creams (each of them is specific for different kinds of shoes) and polishing the shoes until they gain a handsome luster. Jokingly, she says “This is like women putting makeup on before they leave the house.”

Manchas, our precious cat, is roaming around the workshop to double check that everyone is comfortable and things are working fine. He’s the real supervisor :)

    What’s happening right now?

So as you know now, this waiting time will come with great benefits for you and I will make sure to keep you updated with all steps concerning your products.

We’ve now received all of your orders from the May campaign. All necessary raw materials and components are waiting in our workshop, and the first steps of production have already started. All of our shoes and bags will be made in our workshop in Bogotá; the Reid Sneakers will be handcrafted in our partner workshop Portugal.

Right now, some of the artisans are selecting the hides by hand and are making sure that the leather used in your products is in perfect condition. They do this by taking a close look at each of the hides and marking down any defective pieces. After passing this quality control, the leather will enter the cutting and stitching process.

If you need to update any contact information, including your shipping address, don’t hesitate to send an email to, use the live chat on our website, call us at 1-844-423-2538 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST), or leave a comment below.

Finally, remember that our June campaign is active, so don’t forget to check out our exclusive products by clicking here.

That’s it for now! Remember I am here to help out! Keep your eyes open for upcoming and exciting information about manufacturing updates.

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  • Pilar

    June 08, 2018

    Hi Silvio!

    We’re very glad that you’re enjoying your Gallagher boots and thanks for all your great support :)

  • Pilar

    June 08, 2018

    Hi Mohammed,

    Thank you for writing! I suggest that you wait for the size 9 as it should fit. Still, remember that we slightly overproduce in case you need to do a size exchange.

  • Pilar

    June 08, 2018

    Hi Mohammed,

    I would suggest that you to wait for the size 9 as it should fit. Still, remember that we slightly overproduce a few items to facilitate size exchanges. We trully hope that you enjoy our products!

  • Mohammed

    June 08, 2018

    Hello, thank you for taking care of my business. I always wear Allen Edmonds size 9E, but I decided to order size 9 to give it a try. Should I go half more size in case they were tight? I honestly prefer size 9 wide because size 9.5 may look longer when are worn!! Thank you.
    Note: I can’t wait to have them


  • Silvio

    June 08, 2018

    The name is Silvio Castro, and I wanted to state that I got the Gallager boots and I love them, this is my second order and of is anything like the first there will be many more to come oh and by the way I love the fact that I’m supporting my Colombian people has I am from Cali Valle.