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Hello there,

Welcome to our second update for the May campaign. I’m sure you’re excited to hear some information about your products!

But before we get into this, I want to introduce you to the stars of the show: Our delightful and unique leathers. Indeed, leather is the essential material for manufacturing your shoes and accessories.

So before we get into details, let me ask you a quick question. Do you know where can we find one of the best leathers in the world? Here are some options:

a) Italy, of course!
b) England, so I have heard…
c) Maybe France?
d) United States does make very good leather...
e) I have no idea, so none of the above.

You are probably going for answer “a,” and I don’t blame you. As we all have heard, Italy has some of the best tanneries and its history of leather processing goes back to ancient Rome! How can anyone underestimate Da Vinci’s creations, a flavorful cappuccino or a creamy cannoli? Italians can’t do anything wrong, right?

But, shouldn’t we take this Italian reputation about leather with a pinch of salt? Even if it’s true some Italian leather is exceptional, some is not. In fact, this could be part of a marketing tactic. Some leather has the “Made in Italy” seal, but it could come from elsewhere.

In the end, you could wind up with the poorest quality Italian leather there is. Now, there are some other places in the world where you can get the best leather possible. In fact, it is where we get ours. It’s not England nor Spain, so the answer of our trivia is “e.”Any ideas?

Here are some clues: Tango, great meat and wine, horses and a religious passion for soccer. If you guessed Argentina, then you are correct! Let me show you why we’ve decided Argentinian leather is the way go. For this, we need to go to Hurlingham, a place located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Are you ready?

Hurlingham, or “the Pearl of the West”

To go to Hurlingham, we’re going to Retiro train station in Buenos Aires, and we’re taking the San Martín line. After a 50-minute ride, we will arrive to a beautiful, English-looking town. Also known as “The Pearl of the West,” Hurlingham is a town with obvious European connections.

Next to the train station, we are going to find the Hurlingham Club. Here, some people practice tennis, cricket, rugby and polo. In fact, the club holds one of the most prestigious polo tournaments in the world.

Argentinian polo player, Nacho Figueras, has visited the Hurlingham Club plenty of times. He’s not only the model for the “King of Games and the Game of Kings” but for Ralph Lauren and the Polo fragrances. In fact, Figueras leads the Ralph Lauren-sponsored BlackWatch Polo Team. If we are lucky, we can run across him, but we’re not here to watch a polo game.

We’re going to go for a walk between the groves and muddy pastures (yes, it is winter time here!), to find our tannery. Look! There it is! A simple, medium sized workshop where a third-generation of tanners keeps tradition alive.

As with Hurlingham, we can trace the tanner’s origins back to Europe. The family came from Hungary after World War I. At the time, Hungary was pretty well known for their leather. They were in charge of constructing boots for the military during the war. Before leaving Hungary, the grandfather of the family wrote his tanning recipe in a notebook and gave it to his son.

Since arriving to Argentina, the family has kept their recipe a secret and has worked together to master the art of tanning.

Believe it or not, this tannery is famous for an equine leather called “Shell Cordovan.” Yes, leather made out of horses! It is one of the most expensive existing leathers. But equally great, this Argentinian tannery makes excellent calfskin and vachetta leather.

And what makes this leather so splendid? We definitely can’t forget the cattle involved in the process. These young animals are grass-fed, live happily under the sun and consume no hormones. This means tasty and juicy meat on your barbecue, but also high quality hides for leather.

After all this roaming around, you must be exhausted, aren’t you? Let’s take a seat, and with some Argentinian Malbec in our hands, let’s talk about the greatness of this tannery and why we get our leather from them.

First, we’re talking about artisans that are here everyday to check their processes. Second, since this is a small workshop, they are ready to hear their customers. This way, we’re able to keep a close an exclusive relationship with them. Third, nothing compares to unique artistry, passed down through generations.

Just like your grandma’s secret recipe for a classic pecan pie, this leather has been made with a special formula. Here are the essentials we get from this place:

Full-grain calfskin leather: This is the leather we use in most of our shoes. As it hasn’t been corrected in any way, it will preserve its natural look. This leather has a personality of its own. It will not only last for ages, but it will have a unique appearance and it will be easy to maintain.

Suede: This is not the suede Elvis Presley talks about in his famous cover of “Blue Suede Shoes.” Usually we think suede is a very delicate material. But this Argentinian suede is good at retaining colors, soft and water repellent.

Vachetta leather: This is the leather we use for our Domingo Duffles and for our linings. It is great for constructing bags as it can maintain a good shape. Linings in vachetta are great for extra comfort and are breathable. Your feet will be thankful for all this pampering!

After hearing about this tannery and leathers, we can stick around a little bit more and go for a stroll, don’t you think?

Just like Johannes Dahlmann, the immortal character in Jorge Luis Borges The South, we have “accepted the walk as a small adventure. The sun had sunk below the horizon now, but one final splendor brought a glory to the living yet silent plains before they were blotted out by night.”

After walking, we can gather around a campfire, under a starry sky. We will eat some juicy meat, drink some Argentinian tea (“mate”), and listen to some traditional stories. Fathers and sons will tell their anecdotes that are now part of Argentinian heritage.

I hope you have enjoyed this little excursion! Now, as I promised from the beginning, let me update you about what’s going on at the studio. We’re stitching and hand-cutting the pieces required to make your shoes and bags. Everything is starting to take shape as we speak!

Remember we have free shipping for any returns/exchanges. Also, we slightly overproduce a few items to make size exchanges. Please make sure your email address and/or any contact information is correct. You can always:

-Update this information by sending an email to,
-Using the live chat on our website,
-Calling us at 1-844-423-2538 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST),
-Leaving a comment below.

Stay tuned for coming information about your products. Remember I am here to help in any possible way.

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  • Pilar

    June 22, 2018

    Hi Eric!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates and soon you will have more information about your shoes :)

  • Eric

    June 22, 2018

    I appreciate and am enjoying these updates Pilar. Thank you!

    Looking forward to the continued updates, and of course, receiving my shoes in a few months!