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Welcome to our fourth production update. We have some good news: Our production is running on time! You should be getting your wonderful Beckett Simonon products in August. We’re almost there now :)

Your shoes are going through the finishing stages before they are packed. They also went through an important process of shoemaking: The lasting.

To do this, the leather is first heated and humidified so it is malleable enough to be stretched on to the lasts. Second, the leather is let to cool down and stabilize as it takes on the proper shape of the lasts.

Once the uppers have been lasted they stay there for at least 72 hours.

72 hours. Three days. 4,320 minutes. 259,200 seconds. Seems like a good deal of time, doesn’t it? What can you do in 72 hours?

Well, this is enough time to finish your work project due next week. After work, you can watch the movie you’ve wanted to see. Or you can go out to dinner with your family.

Maybe go for a haircut and have a good chat with your barber? There are certainly many things you can do in this period of time.

If you are a traveler, and if you spend your time wisely, you can visit a city in three days. Why not go to Paris? Or Amsterdam?

Sure, you might not cover everything there is to see in these massive cities. But you can have a very satisfying experience of seeing some landmarks, along with a couple of nooks and crannies.

And while you can visit Montmartre in Paris, or the canals in Amsterdam, what can your shoes do for 72 hours? Well, they can sit on their lasts, and wait patiently to take the right shape...

It is only through this natural process and over this elapsed time the leather in your shoes will be comfortable and ready to adapt to your feet.

The lasts will also help the shoes develop a a stable shape that will hold for years. Shoes that have remained on the lasts a shorter period, probably won’t have this benefit.

In fact, many mass-produced shoes are only left on lasts for around 5 minutes. To last the shoe quicker, the lasted uppers will be put through ovens and chillers. This will create a thermic shock that will force the leather to take the shape of the last.

Sure, this will save time and money, as shoes won’t be occupying too much space for too long. Also, lasts are freed up faster to produce more shoes.

In our case, we consider nature our ally. We don’t use any artificial systems and we don’t mind the lasts occupying space for longer. Instead we give our leather the proper time to adapt to the lasts, even if that means a slower process.

By not cutting corners and following natural and thoughtful techniques, we're able to deliver high-quality shoes right to your door! 


Again, we’re still on track for August delivery. Please make sure your email address and any contact information is correct for shipping. You can always update this information by:

- Sending an email to,

-Using the live chat on our website,

-Calling us at 1-844-423-2538 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST).

Remember, I am here to help in any possible way! If you think there’s someone who might like to read about our updates, don’t hesitate to share this info.

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  • tim

    August 10, 2018

    When are these shipping, specifically the Reid white sneakers?

  • Jairo

    August 01, 2018

    Hoping to receive my shoes before August 10th – for my wedding ….

  • Justin

    July 23, 2018

    Exciting! Thanks for the update!

  • Eric

    July 18, 2018

    Great update! Thank you!

  • Wendel

    July 18, 2018

    Thanks for the update.