Beckett Simonon approves: Harry’s
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Beckett Simonon approves: Harry’s

Meet Harry’s, an NY-based brand launched by Jeffrey Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield, dedicated to offering high quality shaving supplies at a fair price.

Think about it. You have the outfit; a well fitted suit, quality dress shoes, and a crisp shirt. But the first thing people notice is your face, so it’s crazy to have everything else in place and not pay the slightest attention to your facial hair. Even more so if you are not a stubble or beard kind of guy—then your only option is the clean shave.

As a masculine morning ritual, shaving is something you can’t simply leave to chance. Most men are aware of the need for high quality blades, gentle shaving cream and a good after-product. The downside? Quality is expensive and if you’re playing the shaving game on a daily basis, you’ll need to replace blades and replenish products faster than it takes to grow a 5 o’clock shadow. 21 bucks for 6 Proglide blades? Not from your pocket, sir!

What we like about Harry’s.

This lifestyle brand is taking the shaving experience to a whole new level. And they are doing it the smart way. Their blades are truly sharp and made in Germany with state-of-the-art technology. Handles are sturdy and well proportioned—they feel robust yet comfortable. The brand’s shaving cream is made from a wide range of extracts, vitamins, natural oils and all sorts of other good stuff. This means that, besides guaranteeing a smooth shave, it also acts as a pre-shave lather and a soothing, moisturizing aftershave. In short, it gets the job done easier, faster, and with really good bang for your buck.

Their products can be acquired individually, but we’ll warn you from the start: you’ll get a much better deal if you purchase a bundle. We personally dig the “Winston Set,” which includes a beautifully designed handle made from lightweight aluminum alloy, three blades featuring the so-called “gothic angle” (code for a strong base and an impossibly sharp tip) and a tube of their nifty shaving cream. What’s even better is that you can enroll in their auto-refill program in one quick step: simply provide details on the frequency of your shave and they’ll take care of mailing blades and cream right on schedule.

We also like that Harry’s is thinking beyond providing an affordable product. They recently opened a barbershop in SoHo and, true to their spirit, it’s far from conventional. There are no lines outside, you book your appointment on their website and barbers create individual profiles for each customer, complete with headshots and special notes. It’s one hell of a good idea because it empowers them to provide personalized service that just gets better with each visit.

Hitting the barbershop or browsing their brief but eye-catching catalogue, you’ll quickly realize they’re not in it because it’s a hot business category, but because they care. These guys have actually taken the time to research how we shave and that’s something we appreciate. They’re not afraid to take this personal matter into their own hands and use that as a starting point to engineer their products. Also—and we might be a little biased here so bear with us—we just love the fact they sell directly to consumers, because at Beckett Simonon we are proud to do that as well. (High five, Harry’s!)

Overall—and before we get too carried away—, we think this is a kick-ass brand that’s turning an ordinary shaving experience into a remarkable memory for all men alike. So look sharp, straighten up that tie and swing by Harry’s.
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