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Top 5 job interview mistakes.

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We spend on average 12 years in school, 4 years in college and 2 years in a master's degree, just to get a shot at our “dream job”. However, did you know the decision to either get hired or not happens in the first 15 minutes of a job interview? To stand out from the pack you must focus on being the best interviewee possible. Check out the top 5 mistakes you want to avoid to have a shot at that job you want so badly.

1. Arriving late.

There’s no excuse for this one. Always look up directions to the interview ahead of time. There are many apps that can help you with this (Maps, Waze), so we mean it, no excuses. 

Make sure to show up 10-15 minutes in advance. Once you arrive, notify immediately the receptionist. Getting to your interview early will allow you to catch your breath, familiarize with the people around you and even give yourself a pep talk. 

2. Dressing down. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, so before arriving in your flip-flops and jeans, be sure to check out the company's website to know their level of formality. 

How you present yourself during your first meeting with an interviewer will go a long way.  Your physical appearance will speak a lot from you, so when in doubt a business suit is your safest bet.

3. Forgetting interviewers name.


You finally get called to the job interview you wanted. That’s right, you feel like you won the lottery. The big day comes, you arrive on time, you realize your faith depends on this guys sitting in front of you. Five minutes after pointing out all the things you can do for their company, you realize you have no idea what these guys’ names are. The horror! 

When you get notified of the job interview be sure to ask for the names of anyone who’ll be interviewing you, immediately write them down. When the big day comes and you are meeting everyone, repeat their names back to them — “It’s nice to meet you, John” — so you’ll remember who is who.

4. Go in blind to the interview.

Always do your homework. Chances are you’ll have some days to prepare for your interview, so be sure to learn about the company. Remember, a job interview isn’t only about you, it’s also about the company you want to work for. 

Google up the company and the person interviewing you, also, study the job description thoroughly. The more you know about the job, the less time you’ll waste talking about irrelevant stuff.

5. Trash talking.

Even if you hated your previous boss, be prepared to bite your tongue when the interviewer asks about your former company. Speaking negatively about your last job will make you look like a difficult person to get along with, furthermore vindictive and disloyal. So, be cool.

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