5 Skills every man should know. – Beckett Simonon
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5 Skills every man should know.

Dating Skills

You're born without them, you can pay many people to do them for you, but any man worthy of the tittle will do them himself. In a world were everything can be outsourced or delegated, these skills will definitely set you apart from the pack. 

Give a massage.

We are not talking about the two-minute guilt-trip massage, we mean a full thirty minutes of pleasure. The environment is paramount, it is not enough just to light a candle. So, turn of your phone, set the tone with soothing music, turn of the lights, light some candles, use scented lotions and have a drink by her side. 

Once she is comfortable, it's go time. Soften your hands with massage oil, then start rubbing her feet, not her back. Massage each foot, then slowly move up to her calves, then legs, and so on. Keep the progression slow. Don’t forget that pressure is key, so be sure to use even amounts, not to hard and not to light. Once you are done dry the extra lotion from her body and hand her the drink. 

Prepare a signature dish.

Eating out all the time has proven to be both expensive and extremely unhealthy. Women everywhere are pleasantly surprised to discover that a man knows his way around a kitchen and is able to cook a good meal now and again. Remember, cereal and ramen don’t count. 

Learning to cook is not as hard as it sounds, plus it has a snowballing effect, once you learn a few cooking skills it just becomes easier and easier. Nowadays there are many useful tools to improve your skills in the kitchen (Epicurious, Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute meals, Whole Foods Market Recipes amongst others) use this apps to master the basics.

Make an excellent cocktail.

There's an art to being a great host. You are in charge of entertaining and basically making everybody feel like a rock star. Money and elegance are always nice, however the most important ingredient is confidence. The rule of thumb here is to leave an imprint by giving the evening your unique and personal touch.

Be sure to stock a decent bar. This way you’ll make sure your party won’t end up to be one in which the only cocktails served are Cosmopolitans, or where you don’t have the utensils to open a bottle of wine. 

Knowing when you are being flirted with/hit on.

If you play your cards well many girls will just come right out and say they like you, however there are many girls that are way more subtle. Unless you notice their signs, they might always stay in the background. Look for any of the following signs and you may notice her as much as she notices you.

- Rubs her lips together often in your presence.
- Plays with her hair while talking to you. 
- Touches you (for any reason) more than once.
- Laughs, frequently, even in humorless situations.
- Uses your name many times in a conversation.
- Talks to you about your interests, even if they are not up her alley.
- Sneakily ask about a girlfriend.

Getting attention from restaurant/bar staff.

Bars and restaurants, like every other place have their own set of social approved guidelines, which if followed, will guarantee a much pleasant experience. Of course, it varies from establishment to establishment. 

Next you’ll find some pointers to enjoy your nights out more.

- Request a table at a visible place. If you sit behind a column you’ll be ignored all night long.
- Establish eye contact once the waiter approaches and ask their name.
- Be polite. Being challenging, rude or condescending is disrespectful.
- If their attention is needed, never shout, click your fingers or throw things at the waitperson. 
- Tip big. If you do this part right, they will remember you and your next visit will be even better.

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