5 Common summer fashion mistakes. – Beckett Simonon
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5 Common summer fashion mistakes.

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It's official, summer is here! And with it many of the most common fashion mistakes. Who knows, maybe the heat makes us forget the usual sensibility and taste we have during the rest of the year, or maybe it just makes us lazy and careless. Either way, next we will expose some fatal mistakes to save men everywhere from abject embarrassment and ridicule.

1. Take off your socks.

It’s rather simple, summer calls for no socks. Especially with the footwear of the season, so give your feet some fresh air and put away your white tube socks for your next tennis match. If you think it is uncomfortable to walk sock less, a pair of no show socks or shoe liners will do the trick.

2. Sport inspired shades.

A good pair of sunglasses is critical for summer season. We know finding the right frame takes time, however it is an investment worthwhile. Beware of wrap-around and sport inspired sunglasses, these should only be used by hardcore cyclists. Our suggestion is to get a pair of old-school Persol, sit and enjoy the show.

3. Flip-flops.

Summer is all about doing more with less. I think everyone will acknowledge that Flip-flops or sandals are not for every situation. Limit them to a pool party or a beach jaunt and you’ll be fine. And please, under no circumstances use them with your sock on, it’s just plain rude. Stay with the classics, a pair of drivers or boat shoes will do the trick for every situation.

4. Baggy shorts.

That’s right, we are talking about the shorts with pockets so huge you could store your lunch in them. It is time you try a slimmer silhouette, just like the one of your favourite jeans or chinos. The length is important, between one or two inches above the knee will work just fine. If you want extra credit, get shorts with a fun print, you’ll notice heads turning your way.

5. No Backpacks.

Backpacks are still pretty handy, however when the heat is on they can be very costly for your reputation. No one likes the look of a sweaty back nor steins under your arms, and believe us, once its time to put the bag down you’ll look like you just finished a triathlon. Get yourself a Filson tote bag and you’ll be set for the whole season.

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