5 things every stylish man should stop doing. – Beckett Simonon
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5 things every stylish man should stop doing.

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Being a stylish man is not an easy task, it rarely has to do with knowing a great compendium of rules and following them blindly. It’s rather a personal matter, it’s your own thing and you define it over time. The most tasteful guys do acknowledge the rules and respect them, but most importantly, they defy them and create their own. But hold on, before you go wild with zebra pants and a neon mohawk, there are a few things that we want you to know:

1. Stop thinking it’s only about clothes. 
You could win the lottery and get to buy all the most coveted stuff, but if you don’t have the right attitude it’s all worth nothing. By attitude we don’t mean being a classic show-off guy, overconfident and a fearless party beast, that’s not attitude, that’s just being a plain asshole. What we mean is about skills, manners and culture. Whether it is opening the door to a lady or introducing yourself to a new acquaintance, knowing how to behave is the backbone of a tasteful man. 

2. Stop ignoring the tailor shop.
Once you find a tailor you trust, consider him gold. A good tailor can help you find the right fit for your body-type. He will make your clothes look like they are really yours, plus he will give you advice so you can buy better the next time. Please do yourself a favor and always leave some money for alterations. You will look better with a $300 suit that has been through the tailor than with an $800 suit straight from the rack. Remember this; a well-fitted garment never disappoints.

3. Stop imitating others.

Don’t rush, style is not something that you buy or acquire overnight. Consider it a journey and enjoy it before it’s too late. Always look for what works better for you, not only physically but also emotionally. Wear the stuff that makes you feel good, whether it’s making you feel more confident, virile, handsome or simply cool, it’s your call and it’s all about yourself. What works well for others may look terrible on you and vice versa.

4. Stop fearing change.
Just because you have been sporting a particular look for a long time, doesn’t mean you are condemned eternally to stick with it. Change is always a choice but it’s especially challenging if you are too adapted to your current look. Take small steps, don’t jump into a new look all the way at once, start with a few pieces so you can get a feel of it. A few small changes can make the shift easier. Hint: Desert Boots are a good starting point for those who want to leave the sneakers only for the gym but are still hesitant of wearing more formal shoes.

5. Stop making up excuses.
Most common excuse is money. And we get it, we have all experienced how frustrating it is to not being able to buy something we want, but such is life. Truth is that beautiful and quality things are often expensive, good news is that now there are plenty of cool new brands that want to change that. Thanks to the web it’s now easier to get the most bang for your buck. Warby Parker for beautiful eyewear, Everlane for luxury basics, J. Hilburn for bespoke suits, The Knottery for classy ties, and yes, you guessed it, Beckett Simonon for stylish shoes.

Bonus: Stop overstuffing your pockets.
It may seem simple, but overstuffed pockets can ruin an entire look. Those colossal protuberances around the waist are everything but flattering. Get your self a nice slim card-case and a money clip, since the rise of the smart-phone you no longer need to carry your entire life in your back pocket (neither in your belt). In case you do prefer the traditional wallet, no worries, just try to find a slim model and fill it with the bare essentials. 

Picture: The one and only, Marcello Mastroianni.

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  • Josif Esser on

    For goodness sakes don’t wear sunglasses indoors, unless you have a medical reason.

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