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Being a dapper man requires more than well-tailored clothing, cool accessories and the finest shoes. In fact, it should be a crime to have all of the above while having major grooming flaws underneath it all. 

Of course we don’t mean a 20 minutes routine like Christian Bale in American Psycho. We are talking about an easy and fast grooming routine that will make sure there is nothing Neanderthal about the way you look.

So, gents, lets get grooming.

1. Hair.

Hair routine varies from man to man. However the main thing to remember here is to keep your hair clean and conditioned. Also, and for most men this is a tradition, cut your hair once every 3 weeks. This way you will be sure to maintain a polished look while preventing your hair from becoming dry, increasing oiled build-up or even falling off.

2. Teeth.

Brush your teeth after every meal, floss at least twice a day and by all means use a mouthwash once a day. There are few things more off-putting than a guy with yellow teeth and bad breath, so even though this point is fairly easy, treat it with lots of respect.

3. Skin.

This part is rather simple. To maintain healthy skin, proper hygiene is essential. So be sure to wash and moisturize your face and body every day. The type of products you should use will depend on the type of your skin, so check before you start buying everything off the rack.

Note: Always wear sunblock, this way your skin will be healthier while avoiding diseases and wrinkles.

4. Hands and feet.

Let me get a point across first. Men shouldn’t have extra soft hands and feet like a woman, however they should always be smooth and clean. Get in the routine of cutting your nails every week, it will literally take less than 5 minutes to cut both fingernails and toenails. Please don’t forget to wash your hands as often as possible, no one likes sweaty/smelly hands, and we mean nobody.

5. Smell.

This part is important, the first step to smelling good even if you are not a fan of colognes is to shower every day, we know, duh… however please note you should stay away from fruity soaps, nobody wants a man that smells like smoothie.

If you are a cologne kind of guy, pick your smell and stick to it, and remember to stay clear of cheap scents, everyone can tell when you are using the knock of brands.

6. Beard.

If you have a beard or a mustache, be sure to have them neatly trimmed and without any unwanted hair sticking out of the desired areas. If you don’t sport any kind of facial hair, be sure to shave regularly to look your best.

There are many theories on how to shave properly, however what we found works best is to soften your facial hair before, followed by always shaving in the same direction as the hair grows, doing this will ensure there are no ingrowths and a lot less irritation.

7. Manscaping.

There are many opinions about this part, however we have found that woman appreciate a trimmed and neat guy. We are not talking about waxing everything off, this can be too feminine unless you are a professional swimmer or something. So focus on maintaining the following areas trimmed, clean and tidy. Head, beard, nose hair, chest, armpits and groin.

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