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Dress for your body-type: Tips for larger men

How to Menswear Knowledge Tips

Style comes in different shapes and sizes. Just because you're on the bigger side doesn’t mean you can't be the most stylish man in the room. Remember that style-wise, clothing is less important that confidence and attitude. We're sure you're fine on the attitude side, so we'll give you advice on the clothes that flatter your body-type.

As a bigger man, you’ve got to know that no matter the hacks and tricks, there are no style miracles. Dressing well won’t make you thinner, and that’s not the point, but it will definitely make you feel and look more comfortable.

It's a myth that bigger men can't be stylish. Just like any body type, it's important to make sure your clothes fit properly and are well proportioned. To help you get the look just right, we've made this handy infographic:

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  • farah dilla on

    Like your page & tips for big large man. I love it.
    My brother wardrobe is hilarious as he leave everything to my parent to style him. I need someone who can teach him how to dress properly and makes him look more clean and steady so that easy for him to find a girlfriend. FYI he is lecturer and age of 36 this year. Gosshh!!

  • Jolie Cameron on

    Wonderful tips for large men.
    style network website.

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