How to build a wardrobe you can be proud of. – Beckett Simonon
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How to build a wardrobe you can be proud of.

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To build an appropriate and stylish wardrobe you have to be smart and patient. Style should evolve organically through trial and error.

Avoid trying too hard to look fashionable. Most stylish men aren't dressed head to toe in the latest trends, actually most of them don't even care about them. Instead they have adopted a position were personality has evolved into a timeless look.

1. Avoid being a billboard.

Being branded from top to bottom won't win you any style merit. Mix it up and add your own personality to the look by mixing of brands. This way you will keep your look contemporary and more importantly, you'll make it your own.

2. It’s all about fit, always.

Wear what works for your body and is comfortable, but don't forget the importance of proper fit for your body-type. A well-fitted garment will always look great.

Note: By fitted we don't mean slim or tight, but what really flatters your body.

3. Timeless clothes are always the most stylish.

Classic pieces in your wardrobe like dark jeans, slim trench coat, a fitted suit and a pair of well-made shoes will help you expand your outfits in endless manners. It's granted you'll enjoy them for many years regardless of trends. Just remember to always choose quality over quantity.

4. Know what works for your.

Your personal style should be as unique as the way you sign your name on a contract. Develop a look that works for and is reflective of who you are. Remember that patience pays off.

Note: Always pay attention to any favorable comments about how you look along the way. Feedback should always be used as a style guide.

5. It’s not only about clothes.

First thing everyone will look are your feet, and the ones who really know the game will later look at your wrist. And we mean everyone. Squared-toed shoes are never acceptable, ever. Wrist-wise, remember your watch doesn't have to be expensive. A vintage high quality one from a lesser-known brand will look amazing any day.

Picture: Alessandro Squarzi at The Sartorialist dinner in Florence.

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