Tips for being the best-dressed man in any room. – Beckett Simonon
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Tips for being the best-dressed man in any room.


If you’re like us, you have a lot going on in your life. So, even though you like clothes and looking dapper in them, it’s unlikely you’ll spend hours every day browsing Tumblr for pictures of well-dressed guys to imitate.  

But don't worry, we have some good news for all of you out there. You don’t need to be a menswear expert or a style blogger to put together a basic, good-looking outfit. All you really need to understand are a few key points, and you’ll be miles ahead of your peers and colleagues.

As regular guys, we understand the importance of shopping with purpose. No one around here is going to spend their whole paycheck on a bespoke jacket, or on the latest trend seen on the runways of Pitti, Capsule or Bread and Butter. 

Once you’ve got that down, we’ll dish out the key tips you need to be the best-dressed man in any room. Unless that room happens to be in Florence and the event is the Sartorialist dinner. 

So if you are a mortal at a regular occasion like the rest of us, keep on reading.


Picture this: You inherit your grandfather’s finest Italian suit. You just look at it hanging there and you can already see yourself rocking that bad boy all over town. Confident and excited, you finally put it on only to realize you look remarkably like a bum.

Well, the suit might be Italian, but it’s really all in the fit. We can’t articulate in just one word how important this is. We know we’ve said it before, but it’s so crucial we’ll say it a million times more, if need be. The fact here is you absolutely have to figure out how clothes should fit depending on your body type, especially if you’re beginning to build your wardrobe. Once you work that out, you’ll be able to buy affordable things, take them to the tailor and look like a million bucks. 

Classic Style

No man wants to see a photo of himself 10 years from now while shaking his head in shame while everybody in the room laughs at their “trendy” expense.

Buying clothing with a classic style ensures your wardrobe has a lower chance of ever looking dated, plus you’ll be able to wear these items in five, ten, or even twenty years, provided you don’t gain a lot of weight and you take good care of them. You’ll no longer have to bear the embarrassment of your past fashion faux pas. Unless you used to sport a mullet or a Mohawk—but that’s a whole different problem we’ll need to talk about another day.

Signature Look

Everyone has a signature style, but by no means are we encouraging you to be the guy with a snake around his neck in order to achieve it. We’re talking about subtle details that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Some people enjoy color, others less bold looks. Maybe some people out there only wear sneakers while others only use brogues. There is no right or wrong here. The important thing here is to figure out your thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to feel right: some guys look awesome in a t-shirt while others are definitely more suited for button ups. 

If you’re unsure, experiment your way to a trademark look—try little injections of color in your outfits, patterned socks, tie bars, pocket squares, French cuffs, bright nato straps for your watch, you name it! Once you find your own look, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident. That we can promise.

Quality items

Let us take a moment to discuss the importance of investing in quality staples. “Ok,” you say, “but how can I decide if a piece of clothing is a true wardrobe staple?” Simple, just identify which pieces of clothing you wear the most. When things wear out and you realize you have to replace them with better versions you’ll have identified your staples. If you are like us, you should be thinking about suits, blazers, shoes and watches, or something along those lines. 

If you get that, there’s not really much to add here. It all comes down to pinpointing what you wear, buying the best versions of those things when they wear out, and taking care of the new, better versions as much as humanly possible.

Accessorize well

We might as well go all out and say it: Accessorizing is not just for the ladies. Now, don’t get us wrong, by accessorizing we don’t mean over-the-top, flavor-flav style. Rather, flashing glints of your personality without breaking any dress code. 

If you feel ready to take the leap, there are a few places where it’s safe for guys to experiment with color, prints and pattern: socks, ties, tie bars, pocket squares, belts, bracelets, French cuffs and leather goods are always up for a spin.

As always, make sure you start simple and learn how to incorporate more complex prints with time. This is a process where it’s important not to rush or you’ll end up looking like the circus came to town.

The extra mile

Now, come on. Even though you are a busy guy it doesn't mean you shouldn’t do your homework. Checking the Internet for inspiration, even for a couple of minutes a day, is easy and will give you many cool ideas. there is nothing wrong with a little help.

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