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Minimalism and the Importance of Quality
17 · 12 · 2020

Minimalism and the Importance of Quality

Written by Gavin Humphreys

Minimalism depends on quality.

Quality leads to minimalism.

A truly minimalist lifestyle requires every item you own to be:






Interconnected, each word rings off the other.

Quality means you can use something again and again, so let’s think some more on those words.






Every object in a minimalist life supports itself against those expectations.

This concept applies equally to shoes, clothes, and accessories as to all else in our lives.

We will take time to meditate on these words in turn.

Before that, let’s focus our minds on the concept of minimalism.

The minimal

Minimalism is a way of life that encourages us not to crave possessions.

To own no more than we need.

If we can escape that constant desire for more objects, it gives us freedom to be happy.

Living in a space free of clutter also frees us. We no longer have as much to clean and maintain. We have fewer things to break or lose.

By carefully selecting the objects we own and acquiring no more than that, we can be happier with less.

Simplicity gives you clarity.

When our artisans make shoes, for example, a clean workspace and the right tools for the job help the artisan to focus, and encourages a smooth process. In turn, this results in comfortable and natural-feeling footwear.

Clarity and simplicity, therefore, creates a cycle and affects those around you - even if you don’t know it.

Minimalist Studio


One must focus the attention on the crafting of an object that you own.

Often, the people who made it were highly-skilled and created something worthy of their skills.

Objects that are crafted well, and with care, give peace of mind that they have not caused suffering, but instead are objects that have come from love.

For example, the shoemakers who create our footwear transmit their passion to each shoe. That transfers to the owner, as they will own a solid, attractive, and ethically responsible pair of shoes, boots, or sneakers.

Being made well is a sign of quality, but it is not the only factor. When something is made well, it is often useful.


If you don’t use it, lose it.

To ensure we buy a product that will add quality to our lives, we have to think, What will I use this for?

The more use you can get from an object, and the ease and comfort with which you can use it, are essential to a minimalist possession.

Furthermore, a quality object will be designed with usefulness in mind.

Practicality is at the heart of good footwear and accessories. All Beckett Simonon products are designed and constructed to be used across a variety of situations.


Thought and planning are essential elements of a minimalist object.

A well-designed possession should do everything that you want it to, and be a pleasure to use.

If you have an object you use every day, but there is some aspect of the design that frustrates you, then that object cannot be part of a stress-free life.

Often the most thought-out items are made by hand. The artisanal process of handcrafting an object implies that love has gone into making something important, and skill has gone into making something that will last.

Many well-thought-out products are, therefore, unique. This uniqueness can range from the tiny differences between two products made by the same hands - like Beckett Simonon shoes - or they may be one-of-a-kind items that are designed for only you.

The thought behind an object might be hundreds of years old. Our shoe designer, Giovanni, combines his own skill and experience with knowledge and customs that have created classic designs and have lasted the test of time.

Minimalistic sneakers


Being a responsible and thoughtful part of the greater world must be at the center of selecting the objects we want to be in our lives.

Through what we own, we can make a very real contribution to the planet.

An item that has limited its impact to the environment, or which may have contributed positively, is not only ‘good karma,’ it makes us feel more at peace with our time on Earth.

Feeling good is looking good!

A responsibly-made product is often made with attention and care. This is because the people who create it are treated fairly and are happy.

Materials are also essential to consider. Beckett Simonon sources the leather for its products from a tannery that has achieved a gold rating for its responsible practices - but this also contributes to creating a high-quality, durable leather.

Perhaps most importantly, responsibility is related to quality because we are all interconnected as humans and as a planet. A minimalist lifestyle exposes this connection. It draws our focus to each object we own. Responsibility becomes central to our enjoyment of an object.


Responsibility to the planet requires us to buy long-lasting products and care for them. Minimalism reduces the footprint that we leave on the Earth’s resources over our lifetime.

A durable product contributes to a minimalist lifestyle that will lengthen the cycle of buying and replacing items.

Durability relies on things like design, the method of production, and the materials used.

Beckett Simonon has put a lot of thought into each of these spheres. The materials the artisans use in crafting footwear and accessories are the best-quality full-grain leather that not only lasts well but also ages with grace so that it develops in color and texture.

They say nothing’s built-to-last anymore, but there has been a mini-revolution in the last few years. Companies like Beckett Simonon take pride in well-constructed, quality products that could last a lifetime.

Look after the objects that you own. Repair. If you treasure the few objects that you have, you will be rewarded.

This is kept in mind during the crafting of Beckett Simonon products. As an example, artisans add the final touches to the leather with natural creams and waxes - and don’t add chemicals or a coating. This way it can be looked after as it ages.

Long-lasting possessions make for a simpler, stress-free life.

The minimum is the maximum

By living a minimalist life, you will find the maximum joy and freedom.

Your objects may be few, but they are quality.

They are,






and those few objects can give peace and allow you to be happy.

Please browse our Resources blog for more info on responsible fashion, and how to care for leather. In our The Right Foot blog we look at ideas about how to prioritize, relax, live a more fulfilling life.



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