Lush and Luxurious

Don’t your feet deserve to be treated to only the best? That means covering them not only in the most comfortable and supportive footwear but also to the finest socks you can find.

For many years customers have asked us to make socks, but we didn’t want to put just anything out there. We took this request very seriously, and after much testing with over 100 prototypes, we’re excited to introduce these lush and luxurious Merino wool socks, guaranteed to please even the most discerning critic.

Merino wool is silky smooth, not scratchy like other types of wool. It’s naturally antibacterial with moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and odor-controlling properties, so your feet will always be blanketed in plush comfort.

Composed of 85% Merino wool - a very high amount - and 15% Polyamide, these socks will stay up thanks to the inherent elasticity and the ribbed collars.

With the 6 pack, you can rejuvenate your entire wardrobe while freshening your sock rotation. Choose from black, gray, or navy blue - or a combination of colors.

Made in Portugal from ethically sourced, Oeko-Tex certified Merino wool, you can wear these socks with confidence knowing they’re causing no harm to animals, the environment or other human beings.

The package contains 6 pairs of Merino wool socks.
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Made for years not seasons.

Based on classic designs, our bags are crafted to outlast trends and be as stylish in the years to come as they are today. This makes them an excellent investment, especially since you won’t have to replace them as tastes change. If treated right, they will become treasured family heirlooms.


Ideal combination of luxury and reliability.

It takes a team of highly skilled artisans to handcraft your bags. Using traditional processes, such as hand cutting the leather, stitching together all the parts, attaching the hardware and hand finishing the leather, no detail is overlooked and there are no shortcuts. This results in a sturdy bag that you’ll enjoy for a very long time.


Attention grabbing details.

When you wear your bag don’t be surprised if it catches people’s eyes. Someone might even ask you where you got it. The lush materials, superb details and unique character attract the right kind of attention.

Details don’t only matter, they’re everything.

Shipping details

Our products are crafted to order in small batches and shipped directly to you. There’s never unsold inventory, no middlemen and no high markups. All of these savings are passed on to you so you get the best in style, materials and craftsmanship at a fraction of traditional retail prices. Win-win.

Shipping: May, 2023.

Free shipping. Free returns. Free exchanges

You will never have to pay for shipping in the contiguous US. It’s pretty simple, we want your experience to be risk-free.

60-Day money back guarantee

If your product is not what you expected just send it back (for free) in unworn condition and we’ll refund 100% of your order.

1-Year warranty

We craft our products so we know exactly what goes into them. We’re happy to offer you a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


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