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How can I pay?

We accept most major debit and credit cards. No worries! PayPal processes and handles all your information fully encrypted and secure. Do I need a PayPal account? No, as long as you have a debit or credit card you are fine.

Why the name Beckett Simonon?

Have you ever imagined a character that combines the sharpness and strength of Samuel Beckett with the rebelliousness and style of Paul Simonon? Well, there you go. We have always admired both of them, their personalities and their work. We created Beckett Simonon around self-confidence, authenticity, cleverness and refinement, values inspired by these two big gentlemen.

Are your shoes made of real leather?

Really? Are you really wondering if they are made of real leather? Of course they are! 100% genuine full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather.

How should I take care of my new shoes?

Taking care of your shoes is a no brainer, it makes them last longer and makes you look sharper.

For smooth leather, brush well once a week to remove any dust and dirt. You can wet the brush to clean the welt if needed. As leather is a natural material it can get dry, just as your skin. To prevent this use a cream-based conditioner once in a while, apply a small amount with a damp cloth and rub in circles. This is virtuous enough; you should be admired if you make of this a ritual. Anyways, if you want to go further you can also use a neutral polish and finish with a polish brush if some shine is desired.

For suede or nubuck leather, the best thing you can do is to spray them generously with a protective spray before the first wear. This will repel water and prevent dirt stains over time, repeat this spray thing at least twice a month. For heavy stains rub with a suede/nubuck cleaning gum and then raise the nap with a brush. If you feel like more experimental, you can also raise the nap holding your shoes over a steaming pot.

Are shoe-trees really necessary?

They are not strictly necessary but can be helpful on several ways. The use of shoe-trees prevent deep creases and absorb humidity, this eliminates odors and make the original shape of the shoes last longer. Plus some women have reported it’s a turn on when they see such an act of manliness.

I’m still unsure what size I am, can I have personal guidance?

No doubt, send us an email to service@beckettsimonon.com and we will do our best figuring out your size.

What makes old-school retail so expensive?

Old-school retail is full of intermediations and each of them adds extra costs to the product. Don’t get us wrong, we know they all have to pay their bills and the process of marketing and distributing a product is expensive. We just consider that there are shorter and more efficient paths to get a product from factory to you. We believe in looking like a gent while saving some serious bucks.

Do you have any brick and mortar stores?

At the time we are focused on consolidating our online operation, doing so allow us to keep our expenses on the right place and give you an excellent service. Nonetheless, we don’t discard opening our own physical stores in the future.

Should I wear brown shoes with brown belt and black shoes with black belt?

Well traditionally it’s been that way, but… aren’t we about breaking traditions? Try something different and wear them with a colorful needlepoint belt. If you still decide to go with a matching belt that’s fine, just don’t forget to wear some incredibly cool socks!

What if I don’t want to wear socks at all?

You are undoubtedly Italian or have a hell of a good style! And we would probably want to have a drink with you.

Will you ever release anything apart from shoes?

Right now our focus is on shoes. However our mission remains the same, we want you to be the best-dressed man in the room. We are open to ideas, if you have any just let us know, is it neckties, socks, shirts, butcher gloves, knife cases? Whatever you feel like, we are all ears.

How are your shoes constructed?

Right now we are using three types of construction on our products. Six styles feature a classic 360 Goodyear-Welted construction, the Desert Boots are made using a 360 stitch-down construction and the rest of our shoes feature a bondwelt construction. All of Beckett Simonon products are fully lined in leather with a cushioned leather insole so your feet will keep dry and fresh. They also feature an inner aluminium shank that provides a comfortable support and extra strength for when your day involves a lot of walking.

What's the deal with Goodyear-welted shoes?

The Goodyear-welt was invented in America and since then has proved to be unmatched in quality, comfort and wearability, plus this construction provides the opportunity to re-craft and re-build the shoes, which in the long run guarantees more durability than any other construction out there. 

Are Goodyear-Welted shoes really that comfortable?

Hell yeah! Goodyear-welted shoes have a traditional cork cushioning technique that allows your sole to leave an imprint on the insole. This unique footprint is the reason why they are so comfortable. Basically, with use you are customising them to your feet. On top of this, the inner aluminium shank between the inner sole and outer sole provides extra strength for days when you have to walk more than you usually do.

What guarantee do you offer? 

The many labor-intensive processes involved in the manufacturing of a pair of Beckett Simonon’s allow us to offer a longer guaranty than any other brand out there. Many others pride themselves of their manufacturing techniques and tradition, however the longest guarantee we have seen out there is of 3 months. As a token of our trust on our products, we are happy to offer a 1 yearlong guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. Please note that normal wear and tear is not subject to guarantee. Click here to read our warranty disclaimer.

Can your shoes be re-crafted?

Damn right! When shoes are well made it’s easy to restore them. However, and we want to be clear in this point. Even though a well skilled cobbler can re-craft your shoes and make them look close-to-new, we have seen that the usual price for this process is around $115 to $150. Quite expensive, right? At this stage we suggest investing in a new pair of Beckett Simonon’s, which can cost even less than the re-crafting process.

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