I’m happy to welcome you to the fourth update of our July campaign. I’m sure you’re excited to hear about your products, so let me tell you how things are going around here.

We’re now into the final stages of production. All uppers have been stitched and lasted, and soles have been attached.

Now we’re making sure our products look perfect for you. Just like you take your time to groom and look good before you go out into the world, we like to take time to embellish your shoes before they get to your hands.

Let me show you some of the finishing details.

The burner, the waxes, and the iron

Yes, this title sounds like a fan fiction based on C.S Lewis book, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but I can definitely tell you there are some fantastic things happening when it comes to the finishing details on shoes!

First, let me show you the burner. Shoes and fire? Yes, you probably didn’t know about this, but actually, fire is very important. With fire, we burn any loose threads shoes might have.

Also, this process with fire helps to open the leather pores. Think of it as when you go to a spa and you have a hot towel put on your face to open your pores. After this, we can apply our second magical element: The waxes.

We use carnauba wax, also known as “the queen of waxes,” and beeswax. Both waxes are nourishing and gentle with leather.

After your pores have been opened with a hot towel, your massage therapist will probably apply some nice lotions to clean and nourish your skin, right? Well, we do the same thing with the waxes we apply on leather.

We do this with a wheel brush. This helps the waxes penetrate the leather, and the brush will give your shoes a lovely shine.

After this comes our third element: The iron. Yes, making shoes also has to do with ironing! We iron some parts of the uppers to give leather a smooth appearance.

After the ironing, we add some other elements like Shea Butter cream and Gardenia Cream. 

These creams, which you have probably seen in your skincare products and hair conditioners, will give your shoes a natural shine and will nourish the leather.

Check the following video to see all these steps into action:

As you can see, we have given your leather shoes some proper care before they get to you, but still, we would recommend you to have some basic care routines with your shoes to extend the lifespan.

When we’re done with the polishing and buffing, your shoes go through a quality control check. Afterwards, they are put into dust bags, boxed and sent to our Miami warehouse.

Inside your Beckett Simonon box, you will find additional inserts that can be used to adjust your shoe half a size if needed.

You will also get an extra pair of cotton waxed laces and booklet with further information about your product.


Thank you for reading this update! Everything is on track for delivery in October.

Our tracking information will be sent to you once we ship your products from the warehouse in Miami.

Make sure you update your shipping or contact information before the shipping process starts.

Don’t hesitate to send an email to, use the live chat on our website or call us at 1-844-423-2538 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm EST).

That’s it for now. Remember I am here to help!

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