Creating a joyful, healthy and supportive workplace.

Happy and fulfilled employees are the backbone of our company

We believe that a great workforce is also the result of a good environment. The result of making sure people have a space where they can learn, both professionally and personally; where they feel at ease to be themselves and speak up; and to work, not only for a paycheck, but because they are truly part of something greater.

For us, this means working everyday towards building a culture guided by autonomy, mastery and purpose. One that considers its team members as human beings who need balance, rest and diversion in order to contribute their absolute best.

My favorite thing about Beckett Simonon is that you have the co-founders' trust to make your own decisions, to improve different procedures. I also love that it does not matter what department you belong to, we all support each other when we need it.
Paola D. Office Manager

All employees are treated equally without exception.

  • Benefits

    • Life insurance.
    • Healthcare and pension contributions.
    • Emergency loan at 0% interest rate.
    • 15 days of PTO (Paid time off).
    • 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, and flexible hours afterwards.
    • 3 weeks secondary caregiver's leave.
    • Flexible in-office and remote hybrid work.
    • Monthly stipend for physical or mental health services.
    • Quarterly product allowance and at-cost pricing on the rest.
    • Paid skills building courses.
    • A monthly integration event.
  • The HQ Office

    • Stringent health and safety and emergency strategies are in place.
    • The team has access to bike maintenance fees.
    • HQ is close to public transportation routes.
    • Waste is separated for recycling, composting and proper disposal.
    • Energy reduction and smart water usage systems are in place.
    • Employees enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages.
    • Reusable kitchenware is available as an alternative to single-use plastic.
    • There is a water filtration system in use.
  • Policies and procedures

    • Equal opportunity hiring practices.
    • Exploitation, discrimination or harassment is not condoned.
    • Child, prison and forced labor is prohibited.
    • Trainings are provided on sexual harassment prevention and gender equity.
    • Training is provided on responsibility, human rights and SDGs (Sustainable development goals).
    • Employees are able to make suggestions and file complaints anonymously.
    • Employees are required to adhere to a Code of Ethics.
    • A safe and confidential whistleblower policy is in place.
    • Employees have the opportunity to apply for new positions.
    • Feedback methods for employee satisfaction are available.