Increasing the lifespan of the products we put into the world.

Long-lasting products are better for the environment

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably bought products that break or go out of fashion after you use them only for a little while. That’s because they’re deliberately made to be replaced quickly and often; it’s called “planned obsolescence.” This benefits the brand’s bottom line, but it hurts the planet - and your wallet.

We create products to last for years, not seasons. By extending the lifespan of a product, resources are saved, less waste is created, fewer raw materials are consumed and less greenhouse gasses are emitted.

Reliable design and construction

Designed to last for years - if not generations, our pieces are based on classic designs. Instead of creating new versions of designs to replace existing ones, each of our products enhances the entire line so that you have more choices as you build your collection, not less.

Steps we’re taking to accomplish this

  •  Meticulously chosen materials and components

    • Reputable suppliers must adhere to our code of conduct.
    • Full-grain leather sourced from LWG Gold Rated tannery Mastrotto.
    • Sturdy repello suede is naturally water-repellent.
    • Leather soles made from sturdy, vegetable tanned bovine leather.
    • YKK zippers on bags and boots get better with use.
  • Solidly constructed for longevity and repair

    • Shoes are lasted for at least 72 hours to hold their shape.
    • Soles attached with the Blake-stitch method can be easily re-soled.
    • Lock stitching forms a secure bond between all of the layers.
    • Full-grain leather absorbs nourishing creams and conditioners.
    • Rubber heel tap can also be removed and replaced easily.
    • Resources are available to learn how to care for your shoes.

Donate your shoes for a second life

Discarded shoes usually end up in landfills, where they’ll most likely take years to decompose if they ever do - or they’ll get incinerated. Both activities contribute to the production of greenhouse gases and the contamination of our soil, water, towns and cities.

One way to extend the lifespan of your Beckett Simonon shoes is by donating them to Soles4souls. Doing so can help a micro-entrepreneur start their own business. Your donated shoes can also help protect someone else’s feet, prevent illnesses and injuries.

Donate your shoes