Manufacturing under ethical and responsible working conditions.

It’s important to know how your shoes are made

Do you know who makes your shoes and under what conditions? Sweatshops are, unfortunately, still a widespread reality in the fashion industry. In them workers are subjected to the most horrible conditions imaginable. They are often paid way below living wages (if at all), are harassed, discriminated against, work unregulated hours under unsafe and unhealthy conditions. This must stop.

At Beckett Simonon we ensure the artisans who handcraft our products work in safe and comfortable spaces, are well compensated and receive a comprehensive benefits package. It's the least we can do to honor their dignity and their skill.

Steps we’re taking to accomplish this

  • Benefits

    • Healthcare and pension contributions.
    • 3 weeks of annual paid vacation.
    • 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.
    • 8 days of secondary caregiver leave.
    • Annual bonuses.
  • Working Conditions and Policies

    • Above average wages for workshop positions.
    • A maximum 45-hour workweek with weekends off.
    • Safe and comfortable conditions at all workshops.
    • The artisans have the freedom to form unions.
    • None of our suppliers practice child labor, forced labor or prison labor.
    • On-site or factory owned housing is forbidden.
    • All suppliers are required to comply with our Code of Conduct.
    • We engage in equal opportunity hiring practice.
    • Discrimination of any kind is not permitted.
    • Artisans are credited for their work on our communication channels.
    • We commit to long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
    • 176 livelihoods have been supported through workshop partnerships.

Additionally, 90% of the workshop employees live within a 3 mile radius of the workshop which allows them to ride their bicycles or walk. This helps to avoid the stresses of taking mass transportation, unless they choose to.

Also, the shoe workshop offers an apprenticeship program for aspiring shoemakers who can learn a sustainable craft, while carrying on this honorable tradition.