Manufacturing Facilities

A close relationship with our partners

It’s an honor and privilege to work hand in hand with the artisans who create our products, and to celebrate their craft. We owe what we are to them.

Over the years we have developed close relationships focused on knowledge and expertise in specific crafts and providing high-quality working conditions. To that end, all of our manufacturing partners must meet our values and standards.

Peace of mind

Even though we build relationships based on trust and respect, we ask all of our manufacturing partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct. This ensures all parties have a clear understanding of our social, labor and environmental compliance requirements.

We visit our manufacturing facilities weekly with local teams that perform a series of activities focused on fair labor practices, ethical working conditions and environmental responsibility. Also, we support our partners in establishing programs such as apprenticeships, financial and nutritional coaching, among many others.

Additionally, our supplier workplace requirements are based on the International Labor Organization core labor standards which obligate them to comply with all laws in the countries where they operate.