Reducing overproduction and encouraging thoughtful consumption.

The fashion industry has always been a massive machine which over-consumes, overproduces and over pollutes. These practices have been accepted for far too long. It’s an obsolete and dangerous way of conducting business which contributes to environmental degradation.

Our approach is different

Every product has an owner.

We follow the Made-to-Order (MTO) model which helps to reduce overproduction because every product actually has a committed owner before it’s made. MTO also minimizes overconsumption by eliminating inventory, and giving you the opportunity to truly consider what you’re purchasing as opposed to making an impulsive buying decision. In these ways we can all mitigate the depletion of natural resources and the production of greenhouse gases.

You will get to know how your items were made, and by whom.

After your order is confirmed, you will receive email updates during the production period to involve you in the process. Through these updates and a special booklet included with your purchase, you will learn about the steps it takes to fulfill your order, and come to know the incredible artisans who invest their skill and passion when handcrafting your items.

We build enduring products you can pass down.

Our products are handcrafted to last for many years with the intention that they can be passed down from generation to generation. Based on timeless designs they will outlast trends and become legacy items. Longer lasting products are better for your wallet and for the environment.


This is my third pair from them and I cannot be happier with their shoes. Style and quality. It takes some time for them to get in but they are worth the wait. I’ll be buying several more in the future.”

Lance H.