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Our vision for success is based on more than offering a great price. We believe in providing an exceptional experience to our customers, and to our craftspeople.

In a world of mass production, it’s a privilege to offer products made with care and passion by experienced artisans. It’s our duty to honor their craft by ensuring responsible and fair working conditions at our studio in Bogotá, Colombia.

What sets our products apart

Crafting shoes by hand is no small feat. Rest assured every detail has been considered and refined so you can enjoy your shoes without worry.

Proprietary lasts

Shoes should be beautiful and comfortable so you actually enjoy wearing them. To achieve this, we have developed our own lasts (foot-shaped molds) and have refined them over years based on real customer feedback.

Time tested materials

High quality materials are the foundation of all great products. We source ours from Argentinian and Italian tanneries with decades of experience producing some of the finest leathers.

Built with traditional methods

We rely on traditional shoe-making techniques, not out of nostalgia but because it’s the only way to guarantee the longevity of our products. You deserve quality for years, not seasons.

Luxurious finishings

A shoe is so much more than the sum of its parts. To achieve a unique character, we focus extensively on finishings. From sanding and waxing the soles, to hand polishing the uppers for a flawless look.

Crafted with integrity

We believe in a footwear industry which puts equal importance on the craftspeople, the environment and the customer.

Ethically handcrafted

We are fortunate to work with skilled craftspeople. It is our duty to provide them with safe and ethical working conditions. This includes fair wages, health insurance, pension and paid vacation every year.

Responsible sourcing

We foster relationships with raw material suppliers committed to responsible water, chemical and waste management. We also use 100% natural waxes, water-based solvents and dyes.

Intentionally designed

Instead of chasing the latest trends, we focus on offering you products that stand the test of time. Designs you can enjoy wearing today and well into the future. Classic and timeless.


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