Customer Referral Program

Refer a friend to Beckett Simonon and they'll get 20% off their first purchase, while you'll earn 20% store credit. It's a win-win!

The more you share, the more you earn.

You understand the true power of a great pair of shoes. And now, we want to reward you for spreading the word. Getting started is easy:

1. Complete the brief form below to qualify.

2. Share your 20% off custom link with friends & family.

3. Earn 20% store credit on your referral’s first order.


  • How do I receive my store credit?

    Once a referral order is placed and passes all fraud checks, a gift card will be generated for you within seven business days. You will receive an email to confirm the gift card, and you can access all your gift cards in the payouts section of the referral portal.
  • Can I use multiple gift cards when using my store credit?

    Absolutely! You can stack as many gift cards as you want as long as they have enough credit.
  • What is a referral first-time order?

    A referral first-time order is only counted when a brand new customer makes a purchase using your unique link. If the person is already a Beckett Simonon customer, their purchase will not count towards your referral count.
  • What is fraudulent referral order?

    Certain actions are considered fraudulent. These actions include using a personal custom link for self-referral, sharing a custom code or link on public forums like Reddit or coupon sites, and referring oneself using a different email or shipping address. Our system automatically reviews all of these variables. It's important to note that attempting to make a fraudulent referral will result in a permanent ban from the program.