Accessories Workshop

Founded: In Bogotá, Colombia, in 1978
Employees: 94
Gender composition: Men: 19% Women: 81%
Hours: 45 hours a week
Signed code of conduct: Yes


  • Paid time off, maternity and paternity leave
  • Healthcare and pension plan
  • Locked-in shifts with paid overtime
  • Long term contract
  • Freedom to form unions
  • An entire month’s extra pay at the end of the year
  • Actively hires women who are heads of household
  • Personal finance, nutrition, and health training program
  • Family medical leave 
  • Programs aimed at skill development
  • Works with LWG Gold Rated leather

Two generations together

As told by Daniel Quintero, the manager of our accessories workshop:

My mom and dad, Hector and Flor Alba are from different parts of Colombia. They didn't know each other, but in 1968 they both came to Bogotá looking for opportunities. Destiny played its role, and they met at a leather goods factory, where they got a job. Not only did they fall in love with the leathercraft but with each other!

After ten years, they gained a lot of experience working with leather, so they decided to marry and start their workshop. A few years later, I was born. Somehow I owe my life to that leatherwork factory where they met.  

At their workshop, they started from scratch and built it daily with an infinite love for each other and the craft. That was my playground, and I consider myself fortunate because I grew up learning the beauty of leather goods and building a business. Growing up, I never thought twice about following in their footsteps, but I knew the best way to honor their legacy was to prepare myself.

I graduated in Industrial Design from the European Institute of Design in Milan. I then spent a year in Switzerland, where my wife is from. After that, we came to Colombia to work in the family business.

Now I run the day-to-day of the studio, mainly design and development. My parents are still working. They are of retirement age, but this was their baby, so they always joke they will work here until their last day. They are always on the production floor, and they keep everyone's morale high all the time.

Daniel Q.

Meet some of the experts behind your accessories: 


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