Sneakers Workshop

Founded: In Bogotá, Colombia, in 2018
Employees: 32
Gender composition: Men: 66% Women: 34%
Hours: 45 hours a week
Signed code of conduct: Yes


  • Paid time off, maternity and paternity leave
  • Healthcare and pension plan
  • Locked-in shifts with paid overtime
  • Long term contract
  • Freedom to form unions
  • An entire month’s extra pay at the end of the year
  • Water and waste management program
  • Recurring safety audit by an independent organization
  • Apprenticeships and professional development program
  • Personal finance, nutrition, and health training program
  • Emergency advanced paychecks or loans
  • Flexible hours for parents
  • Integration events
  • Donates leather scraps to a local crafts school
  • Works with LWG Gold Rated leather

The brother and sister dynamic duo

As told by Jeisson and Paola Gomez, the directors of our sneakers workshop:

Paola: Neither my brother nor I thought we would end up in the family business, but as I’ve grown up, I have discovered that there’s nothing quite like it. Life is unpredictable, and we decided to work in this company together.

My father has guided us and taught us through the years. My mother is our guru when it comes to finances. They advised us on the best artisans to bring in to create the sneakers.

Jeisson: I find the textures of leather fascinating. I love to learn about design. However, I am more involved in administrative things, especially in preparing the order forms and logistics.

You can’t learn unless you are immersed. Shoemaking is a beautiful trade, and I am learning every day.

Paola: Jeisson and I plan and organize and keep the artisans going, but in this ensemble, it is the fantastic talent of each artisan that creates the music or, in our case, the sneakers! 

Jeisson and Paola G.

Meet some of the experts behind your sneakers: 


Assembly department


Cutting department


Assembly department