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Suit and Shoe Combinations


An ever-expanding number of men seems to be taking an interest in the way they look. With the equally rising number of options in the fashion world, it's important to remember only one mantra: if you suit up properly, everything else will follow. To help you rise to this sartorial task, we've put together some rules of thumb that will get you through the wardrobe odyssey unharmed.

But before we get to it, you should also remember that we're not about hard-fast standards around here. Consider us experts in reasonable advice and keep in mind that it's not all right-or-wrong when it comes to pairing shoes with suits—success just plays to your personality, your ability to combine things that go well together and the confidence to pull the whole thing off.

Whether you're an office guy who needs to look sharp for board meetings, or a creative type who dresses up because he likes to, don't forget that every rule has an exception—and, when played right, most rules were meant to be broken. 

So Gents, lets get down to business.

Ground Zero

- Contrary to popular belief, suit-wise, black is not a very flexible color. That’s why we usually recommend the versatility of navy blue or charcoal gray for a first suit.

- Today more than ever, an outfit’s success falls on the finer details that you add to the mix in order to make it your own. 

- You are free to be creative and think outside of the box. You are also to remember that the wrong color of shoes and belt can ruin even the finest suit.

- Nobody can go wrong with a two-button jacket that flaunts a fairly narrow lapel. It's both classic and completely modern.

- When going for a patterned suit, keep the patterns subtle. You want to look smart and edgy, and not like you're best friends with Pee-Wee Herman. 

- As dress codes become more relaxed, you get the option to wear and mix different colors of shoes with your attire. 

- The more casual the outfit, the more creative you can be. If it looks good in the mirror, it will look good in the street. Go for it. 


Black Shoes

The most formal shoe out there and the most restrictive one as well. Black shoes are highly appropriate for grey of all types and–of course–black. When paired with blue, avoid navy and set your sight on lighter shades. Never—and we mean never—wear black shoes with a brown suit.

Tan Shoes

Tan shoes are probably the most versatile a man can own. They’ll look great with navy, all types of grey and browns of all shades. Note their chameleonic superpowers don’t stop at suits—they go perfect with business casual attires, as well. Avoid sporting tan shoes with black suits as the contrast is, at best, flashy.

Brown Shoes

In formal settings, brown shoes should be avoided when wearing black or charcoal suits. Aside from this, brown is a color that will class up any type of grey and blue fabric, and it will make you look dapper in a camel or brown ensemble.

Oxblood Shoes

Oxblood is nobody's first choice of shoe color. Daunting as they may look, we guarantee they are one of the most functional and multifaceted ones out there. Plus, they'll make any look in the book bolder and more interesting. They complement all shades of grey, most navy blues and can even be worn with black.

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