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23 · 07 · 2019

5 Bracelets for Men

Written by Tigre Haller Bracelets for men aren’t a new fashion convention. Or a trend. This accessory has been worn since prehistoric times by all kinds of men to signify strength, power, religious beliefs and social standing.

If nothing else, bracelets show off your sense of fun and fashion.

You can find bracelets in all sorts of materials, such as precious metals, leather and weaved fibers. Some bracelets with gemstones can also impart healing properties to aid in your general well-being (it is believed).

Are you unsure about what bracelet is right for your body and your look?

First, measure the circumference of your wrist. Generally, men’s wrist sizes range from around 7 inches to 9.5 inches.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, wrap your thumb and index finger of one hand around the opposite wrist. If you can connect your digits then you have a small wrist. If there is a bit of space between them, you are medium. And, if they don’t come close to each other, you are a large.

Aside from size, examine the bone structure of your wrists. Do your bones stick out, or can you hardly notice them? This important feature will help you determine what types of bracelets work for you.

If you don’t know where to start, choose from some of the most popular themes such as nature, nautical, inspirational and spiritual.

Do you like beads? Something woven? Overlapping leather strips, or a cuff?

To begin with you might want to stick to the basics with a straightforward gold or silver band.

As with any accessory, some styles and materials of bracelets are distinctly dressy or coolly casual. You can also find some that fit comfortably in either zone.


A sleek metal bracelet in gold, copper, silver or stainless steel can add a bit of flash to any outfit. Be sure to check what width is best for your wrist. Too slim might look like a bangle, too wide might look like a handcuff. That said, if you can carry the look then do it! 

ID bracelets are always a safe bet. You can have your name or a message engraved on the smooth metal plaque, or keep it plain.

You should be able to fit your shirt cuff over the bracelet and it will give off a flash now and then. Alternatively, show it off with a short-sleeved shirt or rolled-up sleeves.


Beaded bracelets are among the most popular styles for men. They can be made of metal, bone, stone, pearls, fabric or glass. Some beads are worn for healing purposes, others for spiritual connection and others just for the fun of it. They come in a vast array of colors and sizes and give you a chance to mix-up your look.


Typically associated with a nautical theme, you’re most likely to find them braided with the loop shaped like a nautical knot. Fasteners are often shaped like an anchor or fishing hook. 

Rope bracelets can add a touch of flair to your casual outfits even if you aren’t anywhere near the water.


A bit rough, a bit funky, a bit granola - woven hemp is a sturdy material with an organic bent. Some are plain, others are embedded with gems, glass beads or non-precious stones.

Hemp bracelets look great with relaxed, loose clothes and in relaxed settings.


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A single strap, woven or layered, leather bracelets ooze bad boy attitude. They also come with kick ass hardware, like metal latches and hooks. This style will give you some edge, especially if you pair it with a t-shirt, jeans and hot leather boots.

Why not try out a leather cuff (like the one in the photo) for some extra edge?


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Layering bracelets is actually more popular than wearing only one. But, be aware this can easily get out of control. Make sure each piece is complementary to each other. You can absolutely wear contrasting textures and tones, but there should be some cohesion.

Leather with metal. Metal with hemp. Beads with rope. Woven with smooth. The combinations are endless.

Things to know:

  • Men’s bracelets can cost anywhere from around $20 to thousands.

  • If you can, buy only high-quality leather, stainless steel, silver or real gold.

  • In any case, watch for allergic reaction to the materials.

  • It doesn’t matter which wrist you wear your bracelet on.

  • Make sure the bracelet fits properly, and isn’t too heavy or clunky.

  • A dangling, loose chain can look like a bauble, and a tight-fitting strap of metal or leather can cut off your circulation.


Keep it personal. Be bold or discreet. Out loud or reserved. Wear one at a time, or as many as you want. You will know instinctively what works for you, and reflects your personality. 

Above all, you must be able to carry the look off with confidence and own it.


Tigre Haller Sep 02, 2019

Thank you Christine. I am glad you find the post useful!

Hope you find the bracelets you are looking for.

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I was searching for braclet and came to your blog. I really like this post.

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