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How to match suits shirts and ties
07 · 11 · 2013

How to Match Suits, Shirts, and Ties Like a Pro

Written by Beckett Simonon

Though they say a suit makes a man, what often goes unstated is the importance of the shirt and tie you wear it with. When it comes to dressing for upscale events, men usually have trouble adding the finishing touches.

Even though it’s not rocket science, we often draw a blank when choosing patterns, colors, or styles to complement our ensemble.

So, gents, no more wearing the same combination and hoping no one else notices. There's no prize for staying in your safe zone (we're looking at you, Mr. Solid Tie.)

Random selections without any though won't cut it either. Odds are you'll have more misses than hits, despite the occasional lucky shot.

Finding a combination that projects your personality and lifestyle is essential in your quest for sartorial self-improvement.

No need to worry, though. Once you've mastered some necessary steps, matching colors, fabrics, and patterns will become second nature.

Pro tips:

Be Subtle

Keep it simple gents and you’ll never go wrong. Going the extra mile to stand out a bit can go a long way but just make sure you don’t overdo it. Your fool-proof mantra should be: simplicity is never outdated. 

Light and Dark

This one is pretty easy. Across the board, ties and pocket squares should be darker than shirts. It’s a standard rule for dressing and you'll be sure to hit the bullseye every time if you follow it.

Size Matters

And so does balance. Ties should not be too small or skinny, nor too wide or high. Keep your collars and ties in proportion to each other.


We've mentioned this in a previous post but we'll mention it again because it's so important. Avoid mixing patterns that display equal size. If you pair large patterns with smaller ones, they will visually complement each other.

Suits, Shirts and Ties Look Book

Rule of thumb: The suit-shirt combination is the first thing you should think about. This will be the easy part. Once you have established the primary color of your shirt, pick a tie that has a similar color in its pattern. 

Navy and Charcoal: Your Wardrobe Workhorse

How to match suits shirts and ties navy suit

how to match suits shirts and ties charcoal suit

Light Gray and Brown: They'll Do the Job Many Times

how to match suits shirts and ties light gray and brown suits

At Your Own Peril: Ed Hardy Lover, We're Looking at You!

how to match suits shirts and ties bad combinations


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Hobbit jack Apr 14, 2021


The way of your writing style is outstanding .and very easy to understand .thank you to sharing such a informative post ,

Lovemore Ruwende Sep 26, 2016

Very interesting combinations to make one look different all the time. Thank you for sharing.

Dennis Apr 17, 2015

greatc suggestions.

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i like what u writen but it is possible to add some picture it will be perfect

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