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Why a Messenger Bag Is a Must-Have
09 · 07 · 2020

Why a Messenger Bag Is a Must-Have

Written by Beckett Simonon

There are tons of choices on the market when it comes to accessories, especially men’s accessories. If you’re into men’s fashion, you’ll probably notice that when it comes to bags, the options are limited to backpacks and briefcases (and nowadays that might include the faddish fanny pack). We’re here to tell you that there’s more out there hiding in the accessories department.

Specifically, we’re here to talk about the best messenger bags. The style often falls on the masculine side, but generally leans unisex, not to mention the fact that the bags are multi-use and unique.

The History Of The Messenger Bag

Gaston full-grain brown leather messenger bag on a table with the New Yorker

This style is often also called a courier bag, a shoulder bag, or even simply a satchel. While they were first designed for parcel couriers (Think: the Pony Express riders, Royal Mail carriers in the UK, or traditional postal workers), they’ve turned into an urban fashion staple, especially in a world where street-style is profound and popular.

Prior to what we now know and recognize as a messenger bag, fashion brands had constructed messenger-style bags that more closely resembled military map-case bags or document pouches. Throughout time, they featured a shoulder strap that crosses the chest for cross-body wear. The goal was to make them more comfortable than other types of bags, making heavy or bulky cargo more manageable. Plus, the design allows for quick and easy access to what’s inside the bag.

The Construction of a Leather Messenger Bag

More casual versions of the bag are made of extremely durable and water-resistant materials, more so than anything you’d find at a brick and mortar department store. Leather messenger bags are the highest-quality, elevating the functionality of the standard, casual canvas bags.

They are specifically crafted to be professional, sturdy, reliable, and timeless, but it’s important to know quality when you see it. Full-grain leather should be sought after over bonded leather, as the former ages better and has the unique leather smell that people prefer. Be sure your leather is genuine, and be wary of things marked as “authentic” at a surprisingly low price without many details.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

That being said, some vegan or faux alternatives can be on par with the quality of full-grain leather, if you’d prefer to stray away from animal byproducts. But, again, it may be difficult to discern quality without seasoned material knowledge.

Know Your Leather Colors

Leather comes in a few traditional hues of brown, black, and tan. As a good rule of thumb, the darker the color, the more formal the accessory. Black is the most formal and complementary to suit colors. It’s also typically better to select a leather bag with a single color, as dual-toned bags or contrasting stitching causes the bag to appear more casual, even flamboyant.

As for leather textures, there are five considered to be common, including smooth, flat grain, grainy, pebbled, and embossed. These textures are more reliant on personal preference than formality’s sake, so pick whatever texture and finish you prefer.

Who Would Make Best Use of a Messenger Bag?

open view of black leather messenger bag with books inside

These bags are suitable for those who use bicycles to travel because of the adjustable shoulder straps, quick-release buckles, hinge buckles, as well as the fact that things can be easily attached to the bag, be that lights, phone holsters, patches, pins, or other accessories. Biker messenger bags include an additional stabilizing strap that fits either around the waist or across the chest to ensure that the bag doesn’t constantly swing around, which would make biking quite unbalanced and difficult.

Aside from bikers, a messenger bag style is a good option for businessmen and women who find that the trendy canvas backpacks are too casual thanks to the canvas and pleather materials, and that also find that briefcases are too formal or handbags don’t hold enough for a full day’s work. They’re also quite popular with the collegiate demographic.

The gist? Messenger bags, specifically leather messenger bags, exude a more mature aesthetic due to their refined, elegant styles and high-quality craftmanship.

The reason they’re so sought after by such an inconsistent lot of personality types? In addition to the comfort and style characteristics already mentioned, messenger bags are best in class as far as accessibility and simplicity are concerned. You can easily place, organize, and remove your laptop, books, papers, folders, or other supplies, and shift the bag from side to side, even carrying it in front or behind you, allowing for individualized comfort and unique accessibility.

The Beckett Simonon Messenger Bag

hand holding handle of brown leather messenger bag

Our brand-crafted men’s messenger bags are for those men that take style seriously. Our Gaston and Marco messenger bags are made with premium leather and high-quality brass hardware. These elements come together to make the timeless, sophisticated design signature to Beckett Simonon. We seek to ensure that our messenger bags will be a staple in your closet for years to come.

Our intention is to create products that suit style for years, not seasons. We don’t chase the trends but instead focus on classic pieces that can suit any level of formality. We can assure you that no matter how nice your outfit is, you’ll look that much better with a well-made, high-quality bag crafted by leather experts and seasoned designers. Our messenger bags are designed to be clean and functional enough to get you through your day with all your essentials organized and intact (while looking stylish to boot).

If you’re ready to elevate your style, try choosing a Beckett Simonon messenger bag as we’ve seamlessly blended functionality with fashion.


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