9 Reasons Why You Will Love Beckett Simonon Shoes

9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Beckett Simonon Shoes

Sure, there are a lot of shoe brands out there. You have your pick of the litter, so-to-speak. And, you might have already settled on one or or two brands in particular. It’s never too late to try something new. Especially when the new brand does everything with you in mind, from design, to construction, to shipping.

Discover why thousands of men, like you, have become not only Beckett Simonon customers, they’ve become collectors.


They’re made with full-grain leather

You can’t have high-quality shoes without high-quality leather. Beckett Simonon handcrafts all of their shoes with fine, aniline dyed full-grain leather that has been tanned over six weeks. Full-grain leather preserves the original grain structure of the hide for durability and will age beautifully the more you wear it. Beckett Simonon’s products are available in four handsome leathers: smooth calfskin, textured pebbled, rugged pull-up and nappy suede.


They keep their shape

A true mark of excellence in a shoe is how it maintains its shape over time. To achieve this high standard, Beckett Simonon has created a range of lasts (foot-shaped molds) from scratch for all of their styles, something other brands don’t do because it is a timely and costly process. It’s the only true way to ensure consistency across the entire line. After heating and humidifying, the uppers are placed on the last to dry at room temperature for at least 72 hours. This allows the fibers to stabilize and settle naturally, which results in a solid shape and structure. Integral for your comfort, security and the longevity of the shoes.


They’re fully lined

No need to worry about smelly shoes. All Beckett Simonon shoes are completely lined with a wholecut piece of luxurious Vachetta leather. Your feet will breathe while odor causing bacteria is chased away, and temperature is regulated. You - and your feet - can rest easy.

It’s smarter to wait a little bit for an affordable and well made product that will last for years, than getting immediately something you’ll need to replace in six months. You’ll save money, look better and be happier.

OSCAR F. Beckett Simonon’s master shoemaker. 40 years in this craft.

They’re solidly built

Using the Blake stitching method, the upper, insole, midsole and outsole are lock stitched together so they won’t separate. Blake stitching allows for a slender appearance, a light, flexible yet sturdy sole, and makes resoling easy. Stacked leather heels are attached with serrated brass nails, and a grippy piece of rubber caps them off for extra traction.


They support you

There’s a special, hidden “ingredient” inside the midsoles of all Beckett Simonon shoes: a steel shank. It’s load-bearing and relieves tension on your arches, calves, and knees. The shank also provides stability and balance, especially when you walk on uneven or sloped terrain. All very helpful to avoid injuries and to keep the overall structure of the shoe intact.


Their quality is evident

Handmade with over 150 manual steps by a team of artisans, the care and skill it takes to craft Beckett Simonon shoes is evident from the moment you see them. “Beckett Simonon’s are definitely a great, quality shoe, particularly at their price point. You definitely couldn’t go wrong… You’ll more than get your money’s worth,” said Trent Potter of the trusted menswear website Trenton & Heath. If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish, desirable shoes that you can wear right out of the box, you’ve found them. They didn’t get over 5,000 five-star reviews for nothing.


They’re comfortable right out of the box

You may know that most shoes require some kind of break in period. Some even cause blisters. Thousands of men have been pleasantly surprised to discover that’s not the case with Beckett Simonon shoes. They fit true to size, and are ready to go straight out of the box with little - or no - break in needed.


They’re worth the wait

Each and every Beckett Simonon shoe is individually handmade by a team of highly skilled artisans. They are crafted using over 150 manual steps to make sure every cut, every stitch, every detail is just right. Giving the craftspeople the time they need to create amazing products not only honors their skill, it also ensures you will receive amazing products. Think of the time you wait as an investment, just like when you buy tickets for a concert in advance, or make restaurant reservations months ahead of time. That makes sense, doesn’t it?


There’s no risk to you

Beckett Simonon covers all shipping charges within the contiguous U.S. That means you don’t pay anything to the carrier - ever. You can also make a free exchange or return on unused and unworn items within 60-days of the delivery date. They also have a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All for free. So, the risk is all theirs.

You deserve the best products possible, made with passion and care, under ethical conditions - that’s what Beckett Simonon is all about. Rooted in classic design, with a contemporary sensibility, every pair of Beckett Simonon shoes is an investment into quality and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

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Yes! You can return or exchange your unworn items for free anywhere in the contiguous US within 60-days of receipt. If the size isn’t right, we can process an exchange quickly. With each run we produce a small reserve of products for this purpose.


All of our products are crafted in Bogotá, Colombia under ethical and fair working conditions.


Our full-grain calfskin leather comes from Grupo Mastrotto, a tannery based in Arzignano, Italy. They are amongst the most well-respected tanneries in the world. This leather wears extremely well, looks amazing and will conform to the shape of your feet over time.

Our bags are also made of this durable, yet supple leather and they will last a lifetime. Other components for our shoes, bags and belts are sourced from providers in Spain, Italy, Japan and Uruguay.


Shipping is free within the contiguous US for delivery, returns and exchanges.

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