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  • Versatile and understated style
  • Handcrafted one at a time
  • Instant comfort, no break-in needed
  • Thousands of 5-Star Reviews
27566+ 5-star reviews
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Full-grain leather


Fully Leather Lined

Rubber Sole

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3 Reasons Why You Will Love Them:


Professional look

With their clean, minimal design, these sneakers are a favorite among those who appreciate understated elegance.

Stylish yet versatile

Whether you're dressing up for a meeting or dressing down for a weekend getaway, the Reid Sneakers effortlessly adapt to your style.

Unrivaled quality

Handcrafted from premium Italian full-grain leather with stitched rubber soles, these sneakers embody craftsmanship and comfort.

Upgrade Your Style Today

You don't need a new wardrobe. You just need better sneakers. Unlike mass-produced sneakers, the Beckett Simonon’s Reid Sneakers:

  • Are handcrafted with Italian full-grain leather
  • Provide comfort from day one
  • Have timeless, enduring quality
  • Can be easily dressed up or down
  • Don't have flashy logos
  • Pair well with jeans, chinos, and even suits
  • Effortlessly transition from work to play
  • Offer exceptional value for the price
  • Are suitable for any occasion and any season

The Word On Beckett Simonon

20.000+ 5-star reviews
This is my second pair of sneakers from Beckett Simonon. All are incredibly comfortable. I love the simplicity and style.

Chris W. 

Verified Buyer
I would recommend these sneakers to anyone who is looking for a quality all leather sneaker.

Michael S.

Verified Buyer
Very nice construction, sneakers look great with jeans or dress pants and shorts. A nice addition to the wardrobe.

Peter T.

Verified Buyer

Quality Sneakers Made to Last Years, Not Seasons

At Beckett Simonon we strive to create the best products possible out of materials that will last for an extremely long time. This way you will have items which you can wear and treasure over the years, not just seasons.

Elevate Your Everyday Style

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Natural Rubber Soles
Stitched Soles
No Break-In Needed
Professional look



    If you know your Brannock device size (the measurement tool you see in shoe stores), order that size. If you don’t know this size, but have dress shoes from other high-end brands, use that size. For reference, see our size chart. Please contact Customer Service if you need a personalized recommendation.

    All of our shoes are made with a standard D width, however, if you require a wide or slender fit, we might be able to accommodate you:

    If you have a wide foot, such as an E width, going up a half size should work for you (for example if you are a size 9E, order 9.5 with us).

    If you have a slender foot, such as a C width, going down a half size should work for you (for example if you are a size 9C, order 8.5 with us).
  • Is the leather full-grain?

    Yes, the leather used in Beckett Simonon's Reid Sneakers is full-grain calfskin leather from the Italian tannery Mastrotto. This type of leather is highly breathable, flexible, and durable. It maintains its structure well and gradually conforms to the shape of your feet over time. Additionally, it is conditioned with shea butter and carnauba wax for suppleness and a deep color, resulting in a unique patina that develops as you wear them.
  • What are the benefits of Vachetta leather lining?

    The Vachetta leather lining inside our Reid Sneakers offers several benefits. It provides a soft and comfortable interior by smoothing over any joints or seams, enhancing overall wearability. Vachetta leather is also known for its natural properties, including temperature regulation, moisture absorption, odor control, and breathability. These qualities ensure that your feet remain fresh, dry, and comfortable throughout the day, making our sneakers a pleasure to wear in various situations.
  • How are these prices posible?

    We manage all aspects of production, from design to shipping. By offering products directly to you, we are able to eliminate costly factors, such as middlemen, retail operations, inventory and high overhead. This gives us complete control over pricing and the savings are passed on to you.

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