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Men’s Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot has grown in popularity in the U.S. in recent years after booming for decades in the U.K. Ideal for the aspiring rocker or the casual everyman, our selection of Chelsea boots are sure to meet the highest of standards.

What Is a Chelsea Boot?

The Chelsea boot, also known as the Dealer boot, is a tighter fitting boot that fits high up on the ankle, typically with an elastic side panel. Chelsea boots are laceless, allowing the wearer to casually slip them on the feet. The Chelsea is named after a neighborhood of the same name in southwest London. 

The Chelsea Boot surged in popularity throughout London in the 60s and has continued to be a go-to choice for fashionable men looking to make a statement in their ensemble.

We carry multiple Chelsea Boot styles sure to match your style and preferences, including both leather and suede options.

Browse our carefully curated selection of men’s Chelsea boots below:

The History of the Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot was originally designed by Queen Victoria’s personal shoemaker, J. Sparks-Hall, who claimed the Queen loved them so much, she walked in them daily. As he advertised his creation, he dubbed them the “J. Sparkes-Hall’s Patent Elastic Ankle Boots,” a name that wouldn’t prove to be quite as marketable in the future.

The boot surged in popularity in the U.K. through the 1960s thanks to rising rockstar acts like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. In fact, John Lennon and Paul McCartney took the Chelsea boot and had it refashioned with a Cuban heel, a style that would be known as the Beatle boot. 

Due to its association with King’s Road, a major street running through Chelsea and Fulham in west London, the boot became known as the Chelsea boot. This area was a hub for London fashion at the time, and the Chelsea boot would soon take over the mod scene, often worn by men with tailor-made suits.

The Beckett Simonon Chelsea

The lace-less design of the Chelsea really allows our full-grain Argentinian leather to shine. Our high-quality elastic side panels allow you to easily slip the boot on and off. So whether you’re on the go and need to get out the door or you just need to crash on the couch and kick up your feet, getting your Chelsea boots on and off has never been easier. 

Our leather Chelsea boots are treated with shea butter carnauba wax for a deep color with a natural luster. And the quality of our leather only makes your Chelsea boots look better as they age. 

The Chelsea boot perfectly matches the man looking to complete his tailored suit or the weekend gentleman who needs the ideal complement for his jeans. 

Why You Will Love Your Chelsea Boots

Our Chelsea Boots are made to order when you complete your purchase. Our shoemakers are experts in their field, providing you a Chelsea boot unlike any other. We use only the finest materials and tools in making your boot. If you wish, you can receive updates throughout the production process, allowing you to be involved in the story of your own Chelsea boot. Buy your Becket Simonon Chelsea boots today and experience comfort and style on a whole new level.

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