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Men’s Derby Shoes

The Derby -- A stylish, casual men’s shoes intended for less formal occasions. We turn the idea on its head.

What Is a Derby?

The main difference of a Derby shoe compared to other men’s dress shoes is the open lacing. This grants the shoe more flexibility to move with your foot. While open-laced shoes are typically considered to be less dressy, our different styles can be easily dressed up or down with any outfit for any occasion. 

With a sturdy sole and a comfortable interior, the Derby will take you to many places without wearing out. You can walk for blocks without your feet tiring all while exuding a class and sophistication that can’t be matched. 

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The History of the Derby

The Derby design came from the need for a more flexible shoe. Because the Oxford style is closed laced, it made it difficult for some men to comfortably fit into the shoe. The open-lace style of the Derby shoe helps those with a high arch have a better-fitting shoe.

But where does the name come from? There are many different stories that explain the origins of the Derby, but the main one takes us back to the 14th century. A man by the name of Earl of Derby had rather large feet and was in need of a shoe that allowed him more room. A shoemaker then designed an open-laced shoe specifically for Earl of Derby and thus, the style and name of the Derby shoe were born.

The Beckett Simonon Derby

We’re confident that our collection of men’s Derby shoes will take your style up a notch. Each and every shoe is elevated by the meticulous craftsmanship of our shoemakers. The Beckett Simonon Derbies are meant to last you for years, looking great in every season. Simply put, the classic look of a Derby shoe will never go out of style. The best part of the Derby shoe is the leather looks better with age. Grab a pair or two for yourself and step into the confidence of a unique and classic style.

Why You Will Love Your Derby Shoes

We guarantee a shoe-buying experience that you simply will not find in a retail store. Once you place an order, we’ll begin crafting your shoe, sending you updates throughout the production process. Witness for yourself the expert craftsmanship that goes into your shoe. Our shoemakers use only the finest materials and acute attention to detail, ensuring a quality product that will last you for years to come. That’s the Beckett Simonon experience. 

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