Men’s Monkstrap Shoes

Need a shoe style that’s professional but stands out from all the others? Monkstrap shoes embody the perfect combination of stylish and classy — a wardrobe staple that will get people to notice your impeccable sense of style.

What Is a Monkstrap?

A Monkstrap style shoe is a must-have staple for every man’s wardrobe. This versatile shoe can be paired with any outfit for any occasion. Effortlessly dress up a pair of jeans for a classic look or style them with a suit for your next business meeting or formal evening.

The Monkstrap is for that man on the go that doesn’t want to bother with tying laces. This sleek style of shoe offers ease of use as well as a classic and unique look. Simply slip these on when you’re heading out the door for an effortlessly sophisticated fashion statement.

Browse our carefully curated selection of men’s Monkstraps below:

Hoyt monkstraps

full-grain leather


Leonard monkstraps

full-grain leather


The History of the Monkstrap

Believe it or not, this timeless shoe style originated from Monks, hence the name. In the 15th century, Monks would walk around in sandals with buckle straps. They quickly realized that open-toe shoes were not the most comfortable when it came to some of the tasks required of them, such as picking crops or walking along rough paths.

So, the Monkstrap was born: a close-toed shoe with straps connected with buckles.

Many centuries later, the shoe style was adopted by businessmen. Now we see them being worn anywhere from board meetings to weddings or special events.

The Beckett Simonon Monkstrap

Our Hoyt Monkstraps offers a different style that will make you stand out in the best way possible. This shoe style is sure to turn some heads. The two-buckle style looks great with any outfit and you can choose from a variety of colors like Black, Bordeaux, Oak, and more. This style not only looks great, but it allows your foot to breathe so you can be comfortable wherever you go. With our Monkstrap shoes, you don’t have to choose function over style, you can have both.

Alternatively, you could go with the Leonard Monkstrap shoe which comes equipped with one buckle instead of two. The folds and threading on this shoe have been created precisely in a way to honor the past while forging the future. The pristine, smooth leather on this shoe is simply stunning and looks better the more you wear them.

For a classic yet casual look, go with the Hoyt Suede Monkstrap. It’s similar to the Hoyt Monkstrap with the two buckles but is made with a beautiful suede material that looks great in our dark and chestnut colors.

Why you will love your Monkstrap shoes

Something you will quickly notice with our Monkstrap shoes is not only is the exterior stunning, but the interior is equally so. Extreme care was put into the details of this shoe to be exquisit on every part. We do not cut corners when it comes to the creation of our shoes and take pride in the excellent quality and style it provides every man. Our men’s Monkstrap shoes are to ensure that you look your best wherever you go. Not only do we care about your style, but we want you to be comfortable too. That’s why the Beckett Simonon Monkstrap shoes are a great option for the guy on the go. You can stay on your feet all while being comfortable and classy at the same time.

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