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Men’s Oxford Shoes

What do you look for in a men’s formal shoe? Perhaps it’s the quality of the materials, ensuring longevity and class. Maybe you’re drawn to a certain stylistic definer, such as color or texture. Whatever the case may be, when it comes to formal footwear, the Oxford shoe is equally classic and timeless.

What Is an Oxford?

The Oxford is a formal dress shoe for men. While men’s Oxford shoes started off plain in style, they have since evolved to suit many different occasions, from formal, to uniform, to casual wear. They have also since grown to be constructed with many different quality materials, such as calf leather, patent leather (both faux and genuine) as well as suede and canvas.

While traditionally made black or brown, the shade range therein is extensive, from creamy tan hues to the deepest chocolatey browns. That being said, the pattern and design on the shoe vary more so than the colors do.

Today, the defining characteristics of the Oxford style shoe include a closed lacing system, low-heels, and an exposed ankle.

The very nature of the shoe is to be sleek, sophisticated, and everlasting.

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The History of the Oxford

The style of shoe became popular and earned its namesake because of the droves of Oxford University students wearing them in the early 1800s. This style was unique as it broke away from the ever-present boot style so common in the 17th Century. The Oxford was more comfortable than the French ‘boot’, as it did away with the tight fit and other decorative elements.

Originally, the Oxford shoe featured narrow slits along the sides. Over the years, laces began to replace the slits along the sides of the shoe. Later, the side laces would make their way to the instep of the shoe. The heel and height of the shoe soon found themselves lowered, exposing the ankle.

The Beckett Simonon Oxford

Our handcrafted Oxford lace-ups are the perfect addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe. Our Oxfords are made from full-grain Argentinian leather, guaranteeing a soft, durable feel that only gets better with age. We condition our leather with shea butter and carnauba wax for a deep color with a natural luster.

The true mark of quality footwear is in the stitching. Our Oxford soles follow the Blake method, stitching that attaches the upper, insole, midsole, and outsole. You can feel the sturdiness of our Oxfords without ever compromising extreme comfort.

Why You Will Love Your Oxford Shoes

Each Beckett Simonon Oxford is hand-crafted once we receive your order. Not only will you receive a shoe made just for you, but you’ll receive updates throughout the production process. You can literally watch your shoe come to life with the utmost care, expert craftsmanship, and finite details that will guarantee you a shoe to last for years to come. Our shoes are crafted responsibly and fairly priced, cutting out the need for a middle man or retail store. That’s the Beckett Simonon way.

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