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How Should Your Suit Fit?

How to Menswear Knowledge Suits

How Should Your Suit Fit?

You’ll never look better than when you’re wearing a well-fitted suit. They’re designed to accentuate all of a man’s best features...

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How to match suits, shirts, and ties like a pro

How to Menswear Knowledge Shirts and ties

Though they say a suit makes a man, what often goes unstated is the importance of the shirt and tie you wear it with. When it comes to dressing for upscale events, men usually have trouble adding the finishing touches. Even though it’s not rocket science, we often draw a blank when choosing patterns, colors, or styles to complement our ensemble. So, gents, no more wearing the same combination and hoping no one else notices: there's no prize for staying in your safe zone (we're looking at you, Mr. Solid Tie). Random selections without any though won't cut it either,...

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Which buttons to button?

How to Tips

There are many rituals in every day life, things we don’t think about but do automatically in specific situations. This code of behavior is called etiquette. It's not easy for anyone, no matter how open-minded, to be surrounded by people that don’t share or respect the unspoken codes of behavior. How would you feel around someone who picks his nose or chews with his mouth open? Not a pretty picture, right? What about someone who cleans their teeth or nails in a public place? By now you may be asking yourself, what does all this have to do with proper buttoning? The...

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Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas


So, it’s almost Halloween again. Not so much into the whole thing? Maybe it's because you just haven't managed to find that perfect costume that allows you to still look as great as you normally do. Well, we have some good news for you. An easy way to stay fashionable and not spend a fortune is to look to iconic or stylish characters from film. We promise you’ll stand out from the crowd. There are way too many pirates, police officers, and clowns out there. Plus, after Halloween has ended, you can keep wearing most of these clothes as part of your daily...

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Suit and Shoe Combinations

Fashion Advice for Men Shoes Suits

  When people consider someone's wardrobe choices, they often start from the bottom: the shoes. Even the finest tailored suit can be ruined with a an ugly or worn out pair and the wrong color shoe will make your suit seem mismatched, at best. Not every shoe is made equally and this couldn't be more true than with shoe colors. If you're going to own one color of shoe, obviously the best choice is black as it can pair with almost anything and is acceptable for events where you don't want to be too flashy (such as an event with...

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