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How Should Your Suit Fit?

How to Menswear Knowledge Suits

You’ll never look better than when you’re wearing a well-fitted suit. They’re designed to accentuate all of a man’s best features: they can enhance the broadness of your shoulders, elongate your body, and smooth away any bulges you may wish to hide on your belly. However, when a suit fits incorrectly, the opposite happens – rather than looking like a stud, you’ll look like a dud. There are three general ways in which a gentleman can purchase a suit: off-the-rack, altered from a block, or tailor-made from scratch. In this post we'll only discuss the first one as it’s far...

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How to match suits, shirts and ties like a pro.

How to Menswear Knowledge Shirts & Ties

Though they say a suit makes a man, what often goes unstated is the importance of the shirt and tie you wear it with. When it comes to dressing for upscale events, men usually have trouble adding the finishing touches. Even though it’s not rocket science, we often draw a blank when choosing patterns, colors or styles that will complement our ensemble. So, gents, no more wearing the same combination and hoping no one else notice: there is no prize for sticking to your safe zone (we're looking at you, Mr. Solid Tie). Random selections won't cut it either—odds are...

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Which buttons to button?

How to Tips

There are many rituals to every day life, things we don’t think about but do automatically in most situations. This code of behavior is called etiquette. It's not easy for anyone, no matter how open-minded, to be surrounded by people that don’t share or respect this code. How would you feel around someone who picks his nose or chews with his mouth open? Not a pretty picture, right? What about someone that picks his teeth or cleans his nails in a public place? The horror! By now you may be asking yourself, what does all this crap have to do...

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Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas.


So, it’s almost Halloween (short for "All Hallows Eve" or "Time to remember the dead"). Not so much into the whole thing? Maybe it's because you are still thinking in trick-or-treating dressed as a child. Lets be honest here, no one wants to hang out with a grown man dressed like Ronald Mcdonald. Well, we have some good news for you. Next you’ll find some ideas of awesome outfits from iconic stylish movie characters. We promise you’ll stand out from the crowd, there are way too many pirates, police men, clowns out there. Plus, originality always pays off. As a...

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Suit and Shoe Combinations


An ever-expanding number of men seems to be taking an interest in the way they look. With the equally rising number of options in the fashion world, it's important to remember only one mantra: if you suit up properly, everything else will follow. To help you rise to this sartorial task, we've put together some rules of thumb that will get you through the wardrobe odyssey unharmed. But before we get to it, you should also remember that we're not about hard-fast standards around here. Consider us experts in reasonable advice and keep in mind that it's not all right-or-wrong...

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