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Which buttons to button?

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There are many rituals to every day life, things we don’t think about but do automatically in most situations. This code of behavior is called etiquette. It's not easy for anyone, no matter how open-minded, to be surrounded by people that don’t share or respect this code. How would you feel around someone who picks his nose or chews with his mouth open? Not a pretty picture, right? What about someone that picks his teeth or cleans his nails in a public place? The horror! By now you may be asking yourself, what does all this crap have to do with buttoning properly? The answer is simple: just as with manners, clothing etiquette can make or break anyone’s first impression. 

Fastening your jacket buttons properly is as important as closing your fly, having your shirt tucked in and tying your shoelaces. So, give this forgotten clothing code the respect it deserves.  

Never fasten the bottom button.

Don't fasten the bottom button. Ever. Just don't do it! This applies to 1, 2, or 3-button Blazers, Sport Coats, Trench coats, Cardigans, Mac Coats, Duffle Coats...you name it. 

Buttoning the last button is the quickest way of ensuring you look like an amateur and simultaneously gaining ten pounds. So, most designs are actually cut to account for the last button being left unbuttoned. 

Bonus trivia about the origin of this rule? According to menswear wisdom, King Edward VII started this trend in the early 1900s. The reason; he was too fat to get that last button of his vest and jacket closed. Bet you didn’t expect that.

Button etiquette

No need for small talk here. When you are standing up, always fasten your jacket. When you are sitting down, always unbutton it. Most designs are made to fit and drape properly when you're standing up. A buttoned jacket will look better and complement your silhouette that way. On the contrary, sitting down with your jacket buttoned will add stress to the button howl, making you look like you are bursting out of your clothes.

Bonus tip? There is one exception to this rule. Even though you are technically standing up, when dancing, always unbutton your jacket. Failing to do so will have you looking as stiff as your great grandfather. 

Buttoning visual guide

Single button blazer

Two button blazer

Three button blazer

Double breasted blazer


Trench coat

Mac coat

Duffle coat

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