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How to Dress Well After the Apocalypse
04 · 04 · 2019

How to Dress Well After the Apocalypse

Written by Gavin Humphreys

End Times Men’s Style According to Netflix

So what should I wear after the end of the world?

A question which we have all contemplated, I know. We need look no further than Netflix for hints and tips on how to dress well after the coming apocalypse.

The majority of post-apocalyptic survivors wear the same colors - faded black, grey, blue or khaki.

For some reason, the t-shirt under an open shirt is the go-to. Hiking boots are insanely popular.

That is the good practical fashion advice from the likes of The Walking Dead, Terminator 2, The Book of Eli, Snowpiercer, The 100 or How It Ends.

But before you rush out to buy faded, checked shirts, maybe you don’t want to stick to these end days fashion rules! Maybe you want to stand out. Maybe you’re more Mad Max, Delicatessen, Z Nation

It’s a dilemma. Netflix, help us!

Over the previous few years, Netflix has produced a cracking variety of visions of a future where Planet Earth is ravished and the human race all but wiped out. As this seems more and more likely these days, we need to seriously take notes from the best-dressed male survivors on what to wear.

You never know.

Bird Box


Gary (Tom Hollander) wears a dark-grey suit and open-neck white shirt. This is very much the post-apocalypse cocktails look.

In terms of footwear, Gary has opted for some beautiful, brown, double monk-straps. The brown leather belt matches perfectly.

Only a madman would wear a suit and dress shoes as civilization collapses around him. But in these crazy times, being a madman is often something of a benefit.

Vincent Price got away with a similar style when he was The Last Man on Earth - blazer, open shirt and rocking a cardigan. If Vincent does it, I’m in.

Unshaven is a good option after the apocalypse, but be aware that trimming can only be done with scissors, so the designer stubble of early Rick Grimes is a challenge.

*For the Gary look, try these Beckett Simonon Double Monkstraps and belt.

The Bad Batch

Miami Man

In a desert dystopia, less is more. Chose the little you wear with attention - you want to stand out.

Minimalism is a forte for Miami Man (Jason Momoa). Some stunning pin-striped, cream, cloth pants with dress shoes immediately says this man is dangerous. The gigantic muscles and meat cleaver carried in under-arm sheath certainly add to this image. This fellow is WINNING the dead world.

Tattoos are another way to make sure you get respect from your fellow survivors. Miami Man has a lovely variety, including his name across his (wide) chest. The prisoner number behind the ear provides an ideal conversation starter.

*To be boss, Miami Man level, invest in these stunning Beckett Simonon wholecut shoes and amazing pinstripe trousers from Ben Silver. And wear nothing else.


Andy (& Rosie)

Looking after a baby in a world where zombies are roaming all around is not an easy task.

Andy (Martin Freeman) has his choice of a baby backpack dead right here. This is exactly what you need to be an action-dad, and escape the oncoming undead.

Other than this Andy has opted for the traditional post-apocalypse jeans, t-shirt, and open checked shirt. Layers are a good option in the extreme temperatures of the desert, so Andy has this right.

Andy’s choice of brown, suede, chukka boots are going to get you through the Ozzy Outback, and have you looking the part.

Andy dresses Rosie in a pink, brimmed hat, an essential for kids in the Australian sun. It’s no good outrunning the zombies if you end up with cancer.

If you are unfortunate enough to be turned into a flesh-eating zombie at the end of days, the dress code is pretty much ‘come as you are’. Always be ready.

*These pull-up leather chukka boots are spot on. For all you fathers, you will have to get this smart hiking baby carrier from Osprey. And of course you need THE ubiquitous checked shirt.. How about this long-sleeved shirt from Patagonia?

Get Ready

You never know when the comet will strike, when the virus will break out, when the nuclear button will be pushed... There will be no warning. Make sure your wardrobe is up to scratch TODAY.

Internet deals and good postal delivery service is going to be more unlikely when civilization collapses.

Urgently browse our online catalog of handmade shoes and accessories and chose what amazing stuff you want to be wearing after the world ends - when you are called upon to make your mark amongst the survivors.

What style will you chose? Leave a comment below to tell us how would you dress-to-kill after the apocalypse.



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