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what is a blazer
03 · 11 · 2018

What is A Blazer? - A Man’s Guide to Style a Blazer

Written by Pilar Espitia

History says the blazer first appeared in the 1800s as a bright red flannel jacket members of a rowing club in Cambridge wore.

Hence, the term perfectly described the vibrant jacket and the spirited rowers of the club.

However, the blue version of the blazer has to do with Queen Victoria paying a visit to the royal vessel, HMS Blazer, in 1847.

The captain of the ship wanted to impress the queen so much, he upgraded his men’s sloppy uniforms: He gave them navy blue, two-breasted jackets with brass buttons...And this is how the blue blazer came to be!

Throughout the 20th century, the blazer became a very popular piece and it is the symbol of prestigious clubs, the military, and boarding schools.

Nowadays, the blazer is multipurpose and has become a man’s essential. If you like classy looks without wearing a suit, then blazers are for you. Same thing if you want to take a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to the next level.

Let us tell you what a blazer is by telling you what is not, then we will give you some style ideas so you can wear a blazer like there’s no tomorrow.

The Blazer: Not a Suit Jacket, Not a Sports Coat

The word blazer can be confusing, as sometimes it is used interchangeably to talk about a suit jacket or a sports coat.

Here are some important details about the blazer, so you can tell it apart from other pieces: 

  • Blazers won’t come with matching pants, as a suit jacket would.

  • Blazers are less structured than a suit jacket, especially on the shoulders. They also have a looser fit. Still, they are not as loose, casual or layer-friendly as a sports coat. 

  • Blazers don’t have any patterns, as a sports coat or a suit jacket would. The classic blazer will come in solid colors, the most popular being navy blue, which recalls the naval origins of this garment. Blazers from clubs and schools can come in vibrant colors, such as green or red, or with thick stripes in yellow and purple, but this is not how you want to look to go to the office, right? We say, stick to the navy blue blazer! 

  • Blazers can come with naval-style golden or silver metal buttons, but modernized versions can come with more discreet buttons. 

  • Common fabrics for blazers include worsted serge, flannel, and hopsack. They can also come in linen for warmer weather. 

  • Just like a suit jacket or sports coat, blazers can come single-breasted with two or three buttons, or double-breasted with six buttons.

The Blazer Look Book

The best blazer you can get is the timeless navy blue, either single or double-breasted. This color will give you the possibility to play with others.

Now, let us give you some ideas on how you can wear your blazer to nail it every time.

Blazer With Shirt and Tie

what is a blazer shirt and tie

This is the most formal attire you can obtain with a blazer. At the same time, it is not as elegant as a suit.

Still, you will look very polished with the shirt-tie combination, a vibrant pocket square plus a nice pair of trousers and dress shoes. This look is perfect business casual attire.

Blazer With Shirt, No Tie, and Sweater

what is a blazer sweater

The next step towards a casual look: A dress shirt without a tie. Instead, add a sweater or a cardigan to create layers.

Don’t forget a pocket square for sophistication and you can either go for dress shoes or a pair of fun sneakers. Perfect for that start-up look!

Blazer With a T-Shirt

what is a blazer t-shirt

Out for the weekend? Maybe you don’t want to wear dress shirts, but being underdressed is out of the question. The solution? The blazer and t-shirt combination.

Another option is a casual shirt or a polo. Also, throw on a pair of chinos and some casual shoes, like derbies.

Blazer With Jeans

what is a blazer jeans

A nice pair of jeans plus a blazer will really make you look polished, yet casual. Underneath your blazer, you can go for any nice shirt, sweater or even a t-shirt.

Try on a nice pair of suede shoes or boots, and you’ll get a very attractive look.


The blazer has become a classic piece which will give you a lot of options when going for a smart casual look.

Remember to stick to navy blue and if you want to keep it traditional, look for metal buttons.

You’ll be surprised at how many outfits your call pull together with this garment. By the way, it’s not necessary to have a yacht to wear one.


Dagmar Vaculínová Aug 26, 2021

The classic blazer is timeless. It is the “must have” for every man. Thank you for the description of its variability. Very useful!!

Wicked Stock Aug 26, 2021

Thanks for Sharing useful insights.

Wicked Stock Apr 14, 2021

Thank you so much to share the your guides for the style of blazer. Its going to help many people for improve their look.

Jennifer H .Westfall Apr 15, 2019

Nice guideline provided to style a blazer,I also have a pink blazer and Saints Rogan Shearling Bomber Jacket.

Dean M. Boyd Apr 15, 2019

Guided well.
This article will helpful for every men but I wear leather biker and Bomber Jackets as casually.

donna j.fortney Apr 05, 2019

Yes such a wonderful post of the week :-) My favorite are men blazer and black fur leather jacket . Thanks

joycew.skidmore Apr 05, 2019

Perfect look i agree to all :-) If you would like so please share more ways of Flight Jackets styling .. I will wait and thanks for all .

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