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How to wear a rugby jersey
15 · 08 · 2019

4 Ways to Wear a Rugby Jersey for the World Cup

Written by Gavin Humphreys

Rugby Jerseys are smart, they’re relaxed, they’re rugged, they’re sporty.

An amazingly versatile piece of clothing.

There are several ways you can combine rugby shirts to suit your style - and with the 2019 World Cup in Japan coming up, there is no better time to get out there and buy a rugby jersey and cheer on the US team as they take on the world.

Will the USA win the World Cup?

The US rugby team had their glory age 100 years ago, but now ranked 14th, they are again a force to be reckoned with. That said, there is a considerable gap between The Eagles and reigning champions - the New Zealand All Blacks.

It’s not over if we’re out early though. One of the great things about rugby is camaraderie. Just get behind another team! I always go for the underdogs, but most Americans have heritage abroad, whether it’s Ireland, Japan, France... So lots of choice!

There can be a lot of glory in defeat. One of the top World Cup moments ever (in my opinion) was in 2007 when Portugal scored a try against the All Blacks. They lost the game 108-13, but that try was celebrated like they had won the tournament.

There can also be upsets. Japan shocked the world when they beat South Africa in the 2015 World Cup. Let’s not write off The Eagles, get on a rugby shirt and go and cheer on the team!

How will you dress to shout on The Eagles?

It is no longer just a sport of the elite. You can still look like the classic British gentleman, or you can be a sporty jock - rugby shirts are adaptable, all-rounders.

Here’s a little guide to how you might consider combining a jersey to watch the game. So, drinks in, snacks on the table, and get comfortable for kick-off!

Classic PreppyClassic Preppy Rugby look

To start, you might go for the classic Ivy League look. The oft-quoted line about the ‘hooligans game played by gentlemen’ is apt here. This is the look for well-dressed, educated, upper-set.

Vertical stripes and bright colors show off a bit of eccentricity.

Rugby shirts combine fantastically with a blazer - like the blue cotton one above, or even in tweed, like the coat in the top image! This is a model way of how to style your jersey.

The baseball cap gives off the still-(almost)-hip post-grad student air. Replace it with a flat cap for a debonair, old boy, feel.

A leather watch, dress-belt and slip-on horse-bit loafers show the attention to detail. Why not throw over a scarf any-old-way for some prof-esque sprezzatura?

Retro Team USA Retro Team USA rugby jersey look

This is a stylish way to show your support for Team USA while keeping the traditional rugby look.

This retro outfit has an almost 70s feel. You would fit in standing at the bar with an old-fashioned in your hand, or a pint of Guinness.

The red jersey with stars and stripes shield is a statement. White chinos go perfectly with this clean look.

Suede loafers? Yes please!

Your carry-on leather bag is probably just because you’re ready for anything. Don’t forget your toothbrush, wink-wink.

Classic Sporty Classic Sporty rugby jersey look

This is a slightly more rugged approach.

This horizontal-striped shirt, with the World Cup logo, is neutral (pretty good colors for the US though) and looks smart as hell.

Combine with jeans and pull-up leather boots.

The mac coat and tortoise-shell shades give you an instant Mod appearance. You’d look great on that Vespa!

For an even more rugged style, go with a worn-leather jacket

With the leather bag slung over your shoulder you could be on your way to play a game!

Modern Eagles Modern Eagles rugby jersey look

And finally, how exciting is this? The new top for World Cup! Butterflies in your stomach yet?

New kit-sponsor Canterbury has designed an understated top for The Eagles. Stars on the shoulder, stripes on the sleeves - it still has all the elements you need.

Perhaps combine this, for a more relaxed look, with a bomber jacket and jogger-bottoms.

A wine-colored felt cap will look great with this top.

Some classic suede and leather GATs are the stylish touch you need to finish it off.

Scrum down!

Full of passion, the sport has broad appeal: from the hard-drinking, to the sherry-swilling, to the protein-shake-downing!

The iconic rugby jersey is just as widely loved. If you are a manly-man, and you like to dress rugged, rugby shirts are for you. They are equally for the gentleman, who prefers his suit tailored. Or, for the sport-lover, this is top-quality, hardy sportswear.

When the Star-Spangled Banner rings out in Japan, make sure you are well-attired for the occasion. Get yourself dressed up, get together with your friends, and enjoy the grand event!


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