Updating Your Wardrobe for 2020

Our time in lockdown has made us into cavemen.

Long, matted hair. Raggedy clothes. Showers… What’s that?

The first half of 2020 was not a fashion high - but the second half will be defined by what has just happened.

The 2020 upgrade to our wardrobe is for a new era.

This has been a moment of change, and a moment to assess our lives, and what’s important.

Fashion might not be on that list - but the way we look at our wardrobe certainly has changed. The majority don’t have much desire to go back to the consumerist, superficial lifestyle that had become the norm across the world.

Throwaway culture has been exposed. We have become more switched on to other priorities for our clothing:

    • Durability
    • Ease of repair
    • Comfort
    • Social Responsibility
    • Environmental impact
    • Good craftsmanship
    • Ease of cleaning
    • Versatility
    • Value for money


The must-have items for a 2020 wardrobe are real, down-to-earth, good ol’ clothes!

What you want to find is a timeless style. Part of this is sourcing good basics - pieces that combine well.

Postal delivery might also be a priority, since shops are unlikely to open soon. And slightly bigger sizes, or looser clothing, to accommodate those extra pounds most of us have put on in quarantine!

With that in mind, it’s time to consider updating your wardrobe for our new reality - what pieces to include, and where to find them.


Button-Up Shirt

Gitman White Shirt

Button-up shirts can be smart or relaxed. If you select them well, they should last a long time, because they can be easily fixed (keep those extra buttons safe).

Find a shirt that is comfortable for your body shape, and for the climate you live in. Natural materials like cotton, wool, or linen are the most sustainable options - and these fibers are also among the nicest to wear.

If you want transparency and quality fabrics, check out the Everlane website - they even include links to the factory where each item is made. The shirt above is a Gitman cotton shirt, and they claim it is virtually indestructible!


Dark Wash Jeans

APC-US jeans

Dark blue jeans are versatile and comfortable. What’s more, well-made denim can last for years of constant use, if cared for.

When you update your wardrobe - look for the real McCoy. Elasticated jeans tend to tear quicker, and are not easily repaired.

A sturdy pair of jeans will go well with a work shirt and boots, or alternatively dressed up with a smart jacket, shirt, and shoes or sneakers.

Above are a nice option from A.P.C., but other options are Taylor Stitch, Naked & Famous Denim, or why not a traditional cut pair of Levi’s?


The Jacket

Mr Porter Cooper Suede Jacket

For your jacket, you want something which is going to keep you warm come the autumn.

You cannot beat a real leather jacket for durability and looking like a weather-worn gentleman. Leather is breathable, it is resistant, and it can be waterproof, but you will need to look after it.

You need to invest in a good retailer, and research what you are getting. The fantastic suede leather jacket pictured above is from Mr Porter - and modeled on a 50s biker jacket.

You might try out Schott NYC for a USA made option, and London-based brand AllSaints is slightly more affordable.

Other hardy jackets to consider are denim, which can be really versatile, or a natural tweed which is hardy and warm.


The White Tee

Uniqlo white t-shirt

The white t-shirt is one of 2020 wardrobe staples. A multi-use go-to.

By itself on a hot day, or under your sweater when it’s chilly. For going out, or for working in your woodshed.

Layers keep your wardrobe versatile through the seasons and mean you can easily change your style.

Try out these brands to get a good quality white t-shirt that will set you up for whatever else 2020 throws at us. You can try Uniqlo's cotton t-shirt in the photo, or, again, Everlane - who have a line of 100% organic cotton tees.


The Sweater

bonobos sweater

A good, thick, sweater never goes wrong.

If made from real wool, it should be naturally pretty waterproof as well as warm!

A thinner sweater or cardigan is handy to throw over your white tee or your shirt, once the evening chill starts.

If you can’t get your granny to knit you one, then get one mailed from Inverallan - hand knitted in Scotland - or for something a little lighter try out Mizzen and Main, or Bonobos.

Above is a gorgeous Italian cotton and linen sweater from Bonobos.


The Slacks

jcrew slacks

In those zoom meetings, who cares what we wear on the bottom half? Don’t get caught in your boxers, though!

Slacks or chinos are a good half-way point. They are smart, and will help you get into work mode, but comfy enough to wear around the house.

When the time comes to get out and working again, these will be perfect. You might want to invest in a good belt which will look professional (and will help adjust, in the case that you’ve put on a little beef).

The slacks above are from J. Crew - you can also check out Brooks Brothers and Bonobos for some quality options.


The Blazer

Suit Supply - Navy Havana Jacket

Again, a blazer or sports-jacket can be a multi-use, versatile piece of your 2020 wardrobe.

They can be smart, or smart-casual. Match it with the jeans or the slacks - and it can go on top of the shirt, or even the pull-over.

Suit Supply and Spier & Mackay are two of your top options. The one above is the Navy Havana Jacket from Suit Supply, and is made from 100% Cashmere wool.


The Shoes

Beckett Simonon Yates Tan

Beckett Simonon checks all the boxes for what you want in men’s shoes for 2020.

They are handcrafted with attention to detail. The artisans cut them from quality leather that can be cared for and will last. They can also be repaired and resoled because of the way we stitch on our soles.

They are also value for money - because you are buying straight from the source, no middleman.

Check out the entire collection - but if you can only choose one style, the Yates Oxfords, above, go nicely with jeans or a smart suit.

Beckett Simonon’s sneaker range has some classics too - and our shoemakers also make these from the best full-grain leather. Check out the Reids, for example - these will go with those jeans, or equally with the slacks.


The Boots

Beckett Simonon Gallagher Suede Boots

Hardy boots are great for heavy work, for day-to-day comfort, and for looking good!

Again, the whole Beckett Simonon range of boots are ideal for 2020.

For ease and comfort, you might want to try the Bolton Chelsea Boots. These are pull-on, and made from full-grain leather. Nice with a pair of jeans.

For the image above, I chose some suede Gallagher Boots. These would go great with almost any outfit.

There is also the pull-up leather option on the Gallaghers - a low maintenance leather which is naturally water-resistant and doesn’t need polishing.

If you need boots for meetings, or for the office, the Elliot Balmoral Boots are comfortable and look very smart with some slacks.


Upgrade your wardrobe for 2020

Your 2020 wardrobe is a wardrobe for a new world - a world where we have put our priorities in order and are looking at investing in robust and versatile clothing, which will set us up for a long time to come.

A final tip - if you have a quality wardrobe, make sure that you keep it dry, clean, and smart as you are on the move. Check out these leather bags for travel.

Check out this blog to find out more about how to build a sustainable wardrobe. If you have any comments, leave a message below. To get in touch with the team here to ask more about our products, click on contact above.



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