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How to Match Suits, Shirts, and Ties Like a Pro

Though they say a suit makes a man, what often goes unstated is the importance of the shirt and tie you wear it with. When it comes to dressing for upscale events, men usually have trouble adding the finishing touches.


Even though it’s not rocket science, we often draw a blank when choosing patterns, colors, or styles to complement our ensemble.


No need to worry, though. Once you've mastered some necessary steps, matching colors, fabrics, and patterns will become second nature.

Article Which Buttons to Button? Image

Which Buttons to Button?

What about someone who cleans their teeth or nails in a public place? By now you may be asking yourself, what does all this have to do with proper buttoning?


The answer is simple. As with manners, clothing etiquette can make or break a first impression. 


Fastening your jacket buttons the right way is as meaningful as closing your fly. The same goes for having your shirt tucked in, or tying your shoelaces. So, give this subtle clothing code the respect it deserves.

Article Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas Image

Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas

So, it’s almost Halloween again. Not so much into the whole thing? Maybe it's because you haven't managed to find that perfect costume that makes you look great. Well, we have some good news for you.


An easy way to stay fashionable and not spend a fortune is to look to iconic or stylish characters in films. We promise you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

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Suit and Shoe Combinations

When people consider someone's wardrobe choices, they often start from the bottom: The shoes. Even the finest tailored suit can be ruined with an ugly or worn out pair.


Here is a quick primer on what color pants pair best with the four most popular colors of shoes: Black, tan, brown, and oxblood.


Article Cocktail Attire For Men? – The 2020 Guide to the 5 Most Popular Dress Codes Image

Cocktail Attire For Men? – The 2020 Guide to the 5 Most Popular Dress Codes

So you've been invited to an event such as a wedding, retirement party, inauguration, etc.


Down at the bottom, you see those words that can make even the most well-dressed man a bit anxious: black-tie, white-tie, semiformal, business, cocktail attire, business casual.


Having a specified dress code means having to dress in a particular way. It's not always obvious what is meant. Let us help you with this. 

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How to Match Shirt and Tie Patterns

So you’ve been sticking with plain ties and shirts but feel it's time to earn some extra style points by adding some patterns?

No worries, we've got you covered! Shirt and tie patterns are great if you want to stand out from the crowd and will bring a new life to your look. 


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