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Pairing the Perfect Shoes to Match Any Pair of Pants
03 · 06 · 2020

Pairing the Perfect Shoes to Match Any Pair of Pants

Written by Beckett Simonon

What shoes should I wear with this outfit?

This is a question we ask ourselves almost every morning when we’re getting ready for the day.

We put on different shoes, trying to figure out what looks good and typically end up wearing the same ones we do every day. But, those everyday shoes may not even fit the style of what you’re wearing, but they’re comfy and easy, so that’s what you go with.

We’re here to help you make the most out of every ensemble or outfit you wear by choosing the ideal pair of shoes to complement your look. We’ve put together a helpful guide to show you which shoes go with which style of clothing you’re wearing for the day.



This pant style has been around for ages and can easily be dressed up or down. Here are the kind of shoes you can pair with your jeans:

Dress It Up

Say you’re going out for drinks with friends or doing casual Friday at work; that’s the perfect opportunity to pair your jeans with a nice set of Wingtip Oxford shoes. A pair of well-fitted jeans and an Oxford complement each other in ways you may have never considered before. This is an effortless look that can make you look like a million bucks.

If it’s cold outside, jeans look great paired with some sleek lace-up boots. Mix it up with some suede material too for a more unique style. You can play around with how you style your jeans with boots too. Try cuffing the pant just above the boot for a nice put-together look that shows off your socks.

Dress It Down

If you’re engaging in more casual activities like visiting a neighbor or going to a family function, a pair of Loafers or Derby shoes are the way to go. This style is definitely more laid back compared to an Oxford but will still make you look put together.

If you plan to do some running around during the day in your jeans like playing with the kids in the yard or throwing a ball around with the guys, you can never go wrong with a pair of casual sneakers.

Tuxedo or Suit

young man with beard sitting on a couch in a suit

The times you wear these kinds of styles are typically for a wedding or more formal events. You want to look your best from head to toe with no exceptions when attending these functions.

You can never go wrong by pairing some Oxfords with a suit. This style of shoe screams formal and always looks great paired with a suit. Just be sure that you’re pairing the right color combination with your suit. Black is the most formal color you could go with and always looks great. But if you’re wearing grey or tan slacks, you can always try wearing a dark red burgundy type of color for a subtle pop of color.

Business Slacks

Trey Bryant in burgundy suit with brown deans

If you’re heading off to a business meeting, you need something to impress. Nothing says “business professional” like a pair of Monkstrap shoes. While everyone is wearing Oxfords, you’ll be sporting a very sleek looking shoe that’s sure to draw attention to your tailored, classic look. Not only will you look good, but you’ll also feel confident, which is just what you need when you must command the attention of a room for a business meeting.

Color Code

Now that we’ve talked about the style of shoe, let’s chat about the different colors you should pair with your pants. If you’re not sure what colors go well with certain pants, here’s a little guide to help you out:

Blue Pants: Any brown-colored shoe pairs nicely with light and dark blue pants alike. Pretty much any shade of brown can be worn with blue pants.
Grey Pants: Black is always a safe color to go with when wearing grey pants. The colors don’t clash; instead, they complement each other and look very put together. In some cases, a tan shoe can also pair well with grey pants.
Light Brown Pants: With this type of pant color it’s safe to pair it with shoes of a similar shade. You can pair these pants with light or dark brown shoes. This would definitely be a more casual look, but you’ll still look professional.

Beckett Simonon Shoes

Beckett Simonon shoemaker

Finding the right style of shoe for any occasion is important. But what’s equally important is finding a shoe that’s made from good material. When you buy a shoe, you want a pair that lasts not only through hundreds of wears, but that also has a timeless style. Beckett Simonon does just that. We create shoes that are custom made for your feet, will last you for years, and will look great no matter what decade it is. Grab yourself a pair today and start sporting some stylish shoes.


DAVID W MACY Apr 14, 2021

Appreciate the styling tips. I really enjoy these articles.

Chris Harrison Jul 29, 2020

Pants come in a variety of colours and it is necessary to pair the right shoes with them for the best and perfect look. Thanks for this awesome and detailed post for pairing mens shoes with pants.

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