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Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Men’s lace-up boots are, arguably, more popular and fashionable than ever. They can be adapted to suit nearly any occasion and when you’re purchasing a pair of Beckett Simonon lace-up boots, you’re guaranteed quality materials and craftsmanship that you just can’t find at a department store.

Why Choose Men’s Lace-Up Boots?

There are many types of boots out there: combat boots, hiking boots, snow boots, etc., and while most of those boots feature laces, none of which satisfy the needs of the 21st-century businessman. The modern man needs a boot that conveys a class unlike any other, one that can be worn with a nice pair of jeans and blazer at his next business lunch or for a weekend getaway with his love. 

Men’s formal lace-up boots have come a long way in terms of style, design, and aesthetics. Lace-up boots have never been such a head-turner. With materials ranging from full-grain Argentinian leather to water-repellent suede, it’s not hard to find a lace-up boot to match your personality.

Ideal for the rugged and sophisticated, our lace-up boots are unmatched in quality and individuality. 

Browse our carefully curated selection of men’s lace-up boots below:

The History of the Boot

The boot dates back to somewhere between 12,000 and 15,000 BCE, according to an ancient cave painting in Spain. Throughout history, the boot has been adapted to the needs of the wear and his or her class. During the Middle Ages, the brodequin is introduced, which was a lace-up boot worn by courtiers. In the 15th century, men frequently wore long boots of brown leather that reached up as high as the thighs, which was common among many classes. The 17th century introduced the earliest forms of the military boot, one that was extremely practical and protected its wearers from horseback and rural terrain. 

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the boot continued to evolve, especially for the upper classes seeking gentlemanly pursuits, such as the jockey boot. Of course in the west, the cowboy boot reigned supreme. 

Today, you can find a men’s boot for any occasion, but the rugged modern man can discover a whole new world of fashion with Beckett Simonon. 

The Beckett Simonon Lace-Up

We use only the finest products, including Argentinian leather, in the construction of our lace-up boots. We take great pride in providing a lace-up boot that is durable and only gets better with age. Any scratches or bruises that boot may acquire throughout its life only enhance its character.

Our hand-crafted lace-ups boots are the perfect fit for any man looking to exude his masculinity and sophistication. Our stitched soles showcase our craft and the quality of your boot. The result is comfort and durability, yet our process makes resoling a simple process when the time comes. 

Why You Will Love Your Lace-Up Boots

Each Beckett Simonon lace-up boot is made to order with the finest craftsmanship. You can rest assured that your lace-up boot will be made just for you. You can also receive updates as we craft your boot, allowing you to be involved in the production process. Watch as your boot comes to life and witness the best shoemakers in their element. Our boots are produced responsibly with an affordable price tag. Buy your Beckett Simonon lace-up boot today.

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