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Leap year leap
18 · 02 · 2020

Make the Most of an Extra Day

Written by Gavin Humphreys

This leap year - take a leap into the unknown.

Do something extraordinary!

There is an old tradition that on February the 29th the gals can propose to the guys. This is a day where you can do something out of the ordinary. No more waiting around for other people - just do it.


Think of the 29th as a bonus day

Take a minute to meditate on this.

Imagine you have died on the night of the 28th of February.

You stand at the pearly gates, and look back at your life. What do you wish you had done? What would you do if you were gifted one more day? What has been left undone?

This year has one more day in it. Saturday, February 29th. Use that day as if it’s a gift.

Take a leap!


Do something that scares you

What can you do to take you outside your comfort zone? Get your imagination flowing.

Surprise a loved one

Flowers are nice - but how about something bigger? Take them to a restaurant and fill the table with flowers. Book some mariachis to serenade the table. Or how about YOU do the serenading…?

Throw a party

Many of us never throw parties. Take the plunge!

Do a stand-up show

Get up on stage and do a show! If not comedy, maybe you’ve always wanted to do an open-mic night, or even recite your poetry. The 29th’s the day.

Admit your love to somebody

So many times in life we let love walk by, because we’re too scared to ask. We all have a fear of rejection - or talk ourselves out of doing it because she or he ‘would never accept’. Looking back, I know I missed several opportunities.

Something extreme

Do something extreme like bungee jumping, skydiving, wild-swimming, a balloon ride across the sky, or caving into the bowels of the Earth. These actions will stick with you in your memory until the day you die.


The day when ladies can propose? Turn that tradition on its head and ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you.


Treat yourself

If this is your only day left on Earth, give yourself the pampering you never seem to have time to do. Stop living for work, or to make others happy. Give way to those Earthly pleasures.

Go on a trip

Stop putting off that day trip you want to do. Even if nobody else is free to join you - go by yourself and love it!

Go to a special restaurant

Go to a restaurant, and don’t look at the prices! Go to the place you want. Order the dish you want. Afterward, take that expensive whisky and savor every drop.

Live like a King

You can’t take it with you. Go to the big match, buy caviar and champagne, go to the orchestra or the theatre and get the best seats. For one day, the focus is on living, not on counting the pennies.


A day-spa, or a day meditation retreat, is a great way to treat yourself on this day. Time to yourself to think, appreciate life, and allow yourself to smile. It might also be a chance for you to redress your life.


End a chapter of your life

One day to finish off your time: never leave for tomorrow what can be done today. End a chapter of your life now, so that when the time comes, you can say I have no regrets.

End an argument that has dragged on

You might not be talking to somebody you were once very close to. Perhaps you are in full-on conflict. Make an effort to clear things up.

End a toxic relationship

Sometimes we get into relationships that are not good for either person. Perhaps it’s terrible to suggest that you break up on the day when people traditionally propose, but this is a day to press that restart button on your life.

Reconnect with somebody from your past

Write a spontaneous letter to somebody you have lost contact with. Throw in a photo. They will love it more than a facebook message.

Get over the fear of making a phone call - or even a video call. From now onwards resolve to stay in touch.

Do something on your bucket list

Each one of us has our own list of things we want to do at least once in our lives. Write down your list (if you haven’t already got it pinned up somewhere) and see what you can strike off this leap-year day.

Uninstall all your apps you don’t need

We lose so much of our lives to them. It might be social media, it might be games - whatever you find yourself clicking on whenever you have free time - delete it. End the addiction. From here forward, you are devoted to life.

Write a letter to yourself to be opened in four years

The next chapter has begun, what do you want it to say? Write about what you want to achieve before the next leap year comes around. Where you hope to live. Where you want your life to be. What you want to have done.

Write about all the toxic things in your life you hope to lose. Also all the great things in your life that you want to grow.

Put the letter in a box. Address it to yourself to open on 29th of February 2024, and store it away.


Live to the full

Approach this leap year day as if it were the only day we have. Leap into a new part of your life. Leap into the unexplored.

Every day can be the first and last day of our lives. Live each one to the full.



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