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Men’s Sneakers

If you plan to walk any kind of distance, sneakers are typically the go-to shoe that everyone wears. Historically, sneakers were ideal for playing any kind of sport or performing any sort of activity. Today, sneakers are seen being worn for both function and fashion.

What Is a Sneaker?

We’ve all seen a sneaker before, but what aspects must be present in order to officially label a shoe a sneaker?

Most sneakers have rubber soles, laces, and flexible fabric for your foot to move around in. Sneakers are considered to be casual wear and, depending on the style, can be used with a number of casual looks, from jeans to shorts.

There is a wide variety of sneaker styles out there. Not all sneakers will make you look like you’re ready to go out on a basketball court when you put them on. Some have a more casual style to them which allow you to pair them with other ensembles that aren’t meant for just sports or working out. Our Beckett Simonon Sneakers are designed to bring out a classy look even when you’re dressed a bit more comfortably. 

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The History of the Sneaker

Depending on what part of the world you live in, sneakers have a variety of different names. Some include: tennis shoes, trainers, kicks, joggers, gym boots, and runners.

Despite where you live, the most common term used for these shoes are sneakers. But where did that name come from? In 1917, a marketer working with the shoe noticed that the rubber sole made the wearer extremely quiet and able to ‘sneak’ around without being heard. Thus, the term ‘sneaker’ was born and caught on with the public.

The sneaker was first introduced to America in 1892. During this time, the first rubber sole shoe was manufactured and after that, consumer interest boomed and sneakers began flying off the shelves. Soon, basketball players, runners, and athletes of all kinds wanted a pair of sneakers for themselves. 

However, the market for sneakers really took off after WWI. That’s because after the war, competing in sports for your country was seen as a patriotic way of celebrating your country. So sneakers once again grew in popularity as people wanted the best shoe to perform their athletic abilities.

In the 1990s, shoemakers began to expand their designs with sneakers and turned the shoe into more of a fashion statement. At this point, sneakers weren’t just for athletes, they were for people who wanted to show off their personality and exhibit their identity. 

Now, sneakers are seen being worn every day by anybody. Some wear the shoe for functional use, others use it to express their unique style. All in all, the sneaker is a versatile shoe that has something to offer for everyone.

The Beckett Simonon Sneaker

Our sneakers are made with the best material and crafted with extreme care. Choose from a wide range of shoes in leather, waterproof suede, or a combination of the two. We offer a variety of styles from trainers to hi-tops and have plenty of sneakers to match whatever style you’re looking for. 

Why You Will Love Your Sneakers

The Beckett Simonon sneakers are not your typical sneaker. These shoes offer not only comfort but a great classic style. Our sneakers can be easily dressed up or down and offer a versatile style. We offer a variety of colors such as dusty blue, white, black, and plenty of great accent colors. With these sneakers, you’ll look classy no matter what activity you choose to do in them.

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